Kratom Near Me: 5 Reasons To Order Kratom Online

Finding kratom nearby in the United States is easy. It’s popular enough that you can probably find it at your local smoke shop. In some states, you can even find it at the gas station.

Great, right? Actually, not at all — especially if kratom is unregulated in your state.

It’s not hard to find high-quality kratom, but you need to know what to look for, and most places don’t have it.

Here’s how to tell reputable stores from sketchy ones and why the best local places to buy kratom don’t come close to online shops.

Bottom Line: Where To Buy Kratom Near Me

The best place to buy kratom regardless of where you live is online.

At Kona Kratom, we live and breath kratom — it’s the only thing we sell. We’re experts on the topic and have staff members living in Southeast Asia with the sole job of ensuring every batch of kratom we secure is AAA-grade.

Local shops may seem more convenient, but the quality of kratom you tend to find here is disappointing at best, and potentially dangerous at the worst.

Not to mention, ordering kratom online is much more cost-effective than buying locally — especially if you don’t mind stocking up.

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Buying Online vs. Locally: 5 Key Differences
The first question is usually, “Why does it matter?” Besides not leaving the house, how is buying in a physical store any different than buying online?
Here are the major reasons online is the better way to go:

1. You Know What You’re Buying

Pick up a package of kratom in your local head shop, and what information is on it? If you live somewhere that regulates kratom, there will probably be a label of some sort describing the ingredients. If not, you’ll most likely end up with a ziplock bag of green powder and a printed sticker with the company’s logo on it.

Does the label also give you an expiration date? What about the exact percentages of the alkaloids? The source of the kratom? Do you know how many people handled it (or mishandled it) before it got to the store? How long has it been sitting there?

Could you come across the same thing in an online store? Yes, but it’s far less likely. Not only do online vendors have more competition — and therefore more reason to step up their game — but it’s easy to “walk” away if things seem off. You literally back out of the website and go to another one. There are a ton of other places to shop. Promise.

2. You’re Safer

This ties in with the previous section, but we’d hate for you to skim over this pertinent bit of information, so we’ll make it stand out.

It might seem better to see the product in person, but unless there are third-party lab results posted right on it, you don’t know what you’re holding. Products certified by the American Kratom Association are another valid option.

Most online vendors have this information available to customers. Physical stores can’t verify the quality. Even if the kratom was tested before it was packaged, there’s no guarantee something didn’t happen to it en route.

3. You Save Money

Maybe that sounds wrong, but it isn’t. If you consider the overhead costs that physical stores have — things like utilities, rent, etc. — and factor in all of the hands the products pass through, it’s easy to see how that local shop will be much more expensive than an online one.

Most of the time, you’ll also save money by buying in bulk online or by taking advantage of special discounts and free shipping. Local stores usually can’t afford to offer these types of incentives.

4. You Get Better Selection

This one is obvious. There’s no way even the biggest shop could carry all of the strains and different products you’ll find online. You have access to the wide world of kratom — take advantage of it! Don’t limit yourself to the meager selection down the street.

5. You Save Time & Effort

Again, this is obvious to almost everyone except for the few that avoid technology. You know the type — they still go to the bank to deposit checks and hate texting. Nothing wrong with it, but they won’t like shopping online, either.

For everyone else, online is the way to go. Everyone is busy, and no one wants to waste time driving around. It’s much easier to lay in bed and browse inventory, making comparisons.

What About Supporting Local Businesses?

In a perfect world, we could offer our full support to our friends and neighbors that struggle to keep a shop open.

But it’s not. Unfortunately, too many people are making money by selling horrible kratom. Sometimes it’s contaminated, other times it’s adulterated with chemicals, and often it’s just old and ineffective (a waste of money).

If you want to support those around you, go for it — but not when your health is at stake. Don’t buy unverifiable items that you have to ingest; stick with a pipe or art or something.

How To Identify If An Online Kratom Vendor Is Reputable
Whether you decide to buy from a place near you or head online, there are things you should look for.

1. Testing

As we mentioned, third-party tests keep you from buying and using kratom that might not be kratom. It’s common for reliable vendors to post the test results online, or at least make them available upon request.

2. Knowledge

If you’re shopping in a physical store, ask questions. If they don’t have answers or if it seems like kratom is just another product that’s filling their shelves, they probably aren’t taking proper care of it. Kratom loses potency fairly quickly, and certain conditions speed up its decay, even causing it to get moldy. Stick with stores that know what they’re selling.

3. Strains

Even if there isn’t a huge selection of strains, make sure what they do have meets your needs. Kratom is categorized into three main colors — green, white, and red — though you’ll also find yellow or gold and even black. It will help if you do some research before buying or find a place that can help you, though we’ll explain a little about each further down.

4. Reviews

Besides the testing, look for reviews of the company and the products. This can be tricky since sketchy places can put up fake reviews or take bad ones down. Plus, a shortage of reviews doesn’t necessarily mean the place is bad. You have to use the reviews along with the other pieces, like a puzzle, and trust your gut.

5. Cost

Kratom prices fluctuate, just like anything else. Some strains are harder to find, jacking the cost up, while others are run-of-the-mill and cheap everywhere. The type of product you buy will influence the price, too. Powder is your least expensive option, while capsules are almost always much pricier. Compare prices between a few places and you’ll quickly get an idea of what’s average. Stay away from kratom that’s marked much higher than other places. There should be a ballpark range that most kratom falls into.

6. American Kratom Association Certification

The AKA is one of the only advocates kratom users have. This non-profit organization goes to great lengths to educate the public about kratom’s benefits, along with heavy involvement in legislation across the US. Anywhere you see the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) or similar bills, the AKA was likely behind it.

Besides this, kratom vendors can become certified by submitting samples annually for examination. These companies and their products must meet certain standards (Good Manufacturing Practices). For high-quality kratom, look for the AKA label or certification when shopping.

Where is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is unregulated on a federal level, but some states, cities, and counties have banned or regulated it.

Unregulated means that the government has no standards in place — anyone can process, sell, buy, and use kratom. Sometimes there will be age restrictions, but there’s little else set up to guarantee quality. This puts the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the consumer (that’s you).

Here’s where each state stands, though remember that laws can change quickly, so always make sure it’s legal where you live.

Kratom Laws by State
State Legal Status Age-Limit
Alabama Banned

Schedule I Drug

Alaska Unregulated N/A
Arizona Legal-KCPA 18
Arkansas Banned N/A
California Unregulated

Illegal in San Diego

Colorado Unregulated

Illegal in Parker and Monument

Connecticut Unregulated N/A
Delaware Unregulated N/A
Florida Unregulated

Illegal in Sarasota County

Georgia Legal-KCPA 18
Hawaii Unregulated N/A
Idaho Unregulated N/A
Illinois Unregulated

Illegal in Edwardsville, Jerseyville, and Alton

Indiana Banned- Schedule I Drug N/A
Iowa Unregulated N/A
Kansas Unregulated N/A
Kentucky Unregulated N/A
Louisiana Unregulated N/A
Maine Unregulated N/A
Maryland Unregulated N/A
Massachusetts Unregulated N/A
Michigan Unregulated N/A
Minnesota Unregulated N/A
Mississippi Unregulated- Banned in 33 counties and towns N/A
Missouri Unregulated N/A
Montana Unregulated N/A
Nebraska Unregulated N/A
Nevada Legal-KCPA 18
New Hampshire Unregulated

Banned in Franklin

New Jersey Unregulated N/A
New Mexico Unregulated N/A
New York Unregulated N/A
North Carolina Unregulated 18
North Dakota Unregulated N/A
Ohio Unregulated N/A
Oklahoma Legal-KCPA 18
Oregon Unregulated N/A
Pennsylvania Unregulated N/A
Rhode Island Banned N/A
South Carolina Unregulated 18
South Dakota Unregulated 21 in Sioux Falls
Tennessee Unregulated 21
Texas Unregulated N/A
Utah Legal-KCPA 21
Vermont Banned N/A
Virginia Unregulated N/A
Washington Unregulated N/A
Washington D.C. Banned N/A
West Virginia Unregulated N/A
Wisconsin Banned N/A
Wyoming Unregulated N/A

Kratom Strains: Red, White, & Green Kratom

As we mentioned, you’ll find kratom divided by color. There are many different strains and they all have unique effects. Knowing what each color does will help you narrow down your choices.
Kona Kratom
White Strains

White vein kratom tends to be energizing and uplifting. Think of them as the perfect natural energy drink — they can help you focus, be more creative, and power through the day.

Kona Kratom
Red Strains

Most red kratom strains are better for when you’re done with work and ready to relax. Some can keep you going, but most are calming and can make you tired.

Kona Kratom
Green Strains

Green kratom strains are right in the middle — offering a balance of stimulating and relaxing effects. Most first-time kratom users choose green strains because of their more well-rounded effects.

Using Kratom Responsibly

Despite the negative attention kratom receives, it’s actually quite safe. Almost every single problem associated with it comes with misuse.

Here are a few rules to follow; stick with them, and you’ll avoid the nausea and dizziness that can come with kratom, along with the more severe problems like addiction and severe drug interactions.

  1. Only buy from reputable shops.
  2. Never mix kratom with other substances, including many medications.
  3. Use as little kratom as possible; only take what you need when you really need it.
  4. Take breaks from it to avoid building a tolerance.

Conclusion: There’s No Comparison; Online Wins

There will likely be a time when you need to buy from that place down the street. Maybe you unexpectedly ran out of kratom, or maybe it’s just sheer curiosity. Whatever the reason, make sure you look for signs of a reputable vendor before buying anything, no matter how desperate you are.

Otherwise, online really is ideal — you get lower prices, higher quality, more selection, and you can shop whenever you want. With a few simple steps and some forethought, you can have the best kratom at your door within days. It doesn’t get better than that.