Is Kratom Legal in New Jersey ?

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom

Kratom is an edible plant from Southeast Asia. The scientific name for kratom is Mitragyna speciosa, and its leaves are eaten all over the world. The alkaloids in kratom leaves induce a soothing calm in the user.

Although it is closely related to coffee, the DEA wanted to ban kratom in 2016. The agency’s decision was unpopular, and it decided not to go through with it. Therefore, kratom remains federally legal in the United States.

It will benefit you to know what your state and local kratom laws are. If kratom is illegal in your state or city, its federal legal status does not matter. This guide will delve into New Jersey’s statutes and regulations that concern kratom.


Is Kratom Legal in New Jersey


Is Kratom Legal in New Jersey?

Kratom is legal in New Jersey. There have been attempts throughout the 2010s to ban kratom in the Garden State, but none have succeeded. If you are in New Jersey, you do not need to worry about legal consequences when taking kratom.


History of Kratom Legislation in New Jersey

New Jerseyans have had their right to consume kratom questioned. In 2015, Assembly Bill 4431 intended to criminalize the manufacture, sale, and possession of kratom. A4431 died in the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee. The New Jersey legislature saw more attempts by its members to outlaw the Pacific tree.

In 2018, the same legislator in New Jersey introduced the same law as Assembly Bill 2865. A2865 also died in the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.

The current session of the New Jersey Legislature is looking at Assembly Bill 2236. A2236 is identical to A4431 and A2865—it has the same author and means to outlaw kratom. Another similarity is that A2236 is currently in the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee. It might die there, or it might pass.

In short, kratom is legal in New Jersey, and the legislature may or may not ban it before the end of 2021.


Specific Kratom Legislation in Cities and Counties in New Jersey

Every corner of New Jersey allows kratom possession and sale. From Trenton to Newark, you are allowed to use kratom however much you like. No municipalities have gone against the state or country line on this particular issue.


Buying Kratom in New Jersey

Kratom Legal in New JerseyIf you are interested in buying kratom in New Jersey, consider buying it from an online vendor. While it is legal in New Jersey, online kratom vendors are willing to ship anywhere in the state. Another benefit of buying online is that online vendors specialize in kratom. With specific kratom knowledge, online vendors can provide the best quality at the lowest prices. Online vendors typically have their products verified by a third party.

Buying from brick-and-mortar might be more your style. If you go this route, shop around and find a trusted seller. Buy kratom locally if you want to strengthen your local economy and help out community members. Even if it is more expensive, you are paying for the convenience of enjoying your product on the day you purchase it.


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If you find yourself in the beautiful state of New Jersey, you are legally allowed to use kratom. Still, you should keep an eye on the news for updates on kratom’s legal status in New Jersey.