Red Strains

Red vein kratom is the strongest of the three major categories. It contains the highest concentration of an alkaloid called 7-OH-mitragynine — which has powerful relaxing effects and more.

Kona Kratom supplies a variety of high-grade (AAA) red vein kratom from around the world — each with its own distinct characteristics.

All kratom sold on Kona Kratom has been independently tested for potency, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and microbial contamination.

What is Red Vein Kratom?

Red vein kratom refers to any kratom that has been allowed to oxidize for several hours after harvest — causing a shift in the chemical makeup of the leaf from the stimulating mitragynine towards the more relaxing 7-OH-mitragynine.

These strains are most popular among people looking to use the power of plants to help them kick back and relax or dull physical discomfort.

These strains are a poor choice for people looking to boost energy. We recommend a white or green vein kratom for that.

Red Vein Kratom Effects: Relaxation & Release

Despite the development of technology designed to keep us safe, our fight or flight stress response is constantly activated. From reading the news to navigating tight deadlines at work, we’re constantly caught under the weight of stress.

Red vein kratom contains a series of alkaloids that shift the neurochemical balance from a state of hyper-activation towards a calmer state of relaxation and mental quietness.

Most red vein strains provide more than a mental release — many claim red vein kratom provides a unique dulling sensation that affects the physical body too.

Farm Fresh & Potent

There’s a real problem with potency in the kratom space. Plants that aren’t grown in ideal conditions, are stored incorrectly, or are simply too old will lose their luster.

We’ve been using, sourcing, and selling kratom for decades and have established a strong relationship with farmers all over Southeast Asia. This enables us to secure our kratom directly from the farm, right after it’s harvested.

As soon as the kratom hits our facility, a sample is sent for testing to characterize the potency. It’s then separated by strain and moved to a state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility until you’re ready to buy it.

The Kona Kratom Guarantee
We take our business seriously. Our mission is to provide safe and effective kratom powders from around the world.

We believe plants like kratom have a lot to offer when used responsibly. But this only works if the plants we’re using are clean and potent.

In order to maintain the highest quality and consistency possible, we maintain three strict quality control standards:

1. Kratom must be farm-fresh

We don’t source kratom that’s older than 3-months old.

2. Kratom must be tested for impurities

If we detect any pesticides or heavy metals, we send the entire stock back to the source.

3. Kratom should be strong

While stronger isn’t always better, there’s a minimum threshold we maintain for every batch we receive in our facility. If it underperforms, it’s sent back.

We're so confident in the quality of our products; we'll give your money back if you're unhappy for any reason. Return the package within 30 days for a full refund — no questions asked.

We Support Sustainable Farming Practices

Kratom is just one of the many plants that offer a solution to some of humanity’s greatest problems. While we’re focused on sourcing as much kratom as we can, it’s important to us where each batch is coming from and whether or not it fits with this core value.

We refuse to support large commercial farming operations that are known to contribute to deforestation or environmental damage. All our kratom is grown on small family-owned farms located in rural parts of Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

Red Vein Kratom FAQs

Is Kratom Legal?

Yes, kratom is legal throughout the United States, with the exception of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Recently, the FDA attempted to have the plant added to the WHO banned substances list, but this motion was denied — citing a lack of evidence the plant carries any significant risk to public health.

What Are The Effects of Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is known for its relaxing effects. It’s described by users as “heavy” and “releasing.” Most people use these strains in the evening or to help with physical discomforts throughout the day.

Is Kona Kratom Certified?

Yes, we’re certified with the American Kratom Association — which is a non-profit tasked with keeping bad players out of the kratom industry. In order to qualify, a vendor must undergo several rounds of inspections by AKA officials and submit tests regularly to prove the quality of the kratom we’re selling.

How is Kratom Powder Used?

Most of our customers follow the toss’n’wash method of administration. This doesn’t cut out the bad taste of kratom, but it’s akin to ripping off a bandaid quickly rather than peeling it off slowly.

Alternatively, all of our kratom strains are available in capsule form, too, so you won’t have to taste any of it in the first place.

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