Is Kratom Legal in Idaho ?

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January 27, 2021 | Kratom Legality, Kratom Near Me

Kratom, the common name for Mitragyna speciosa, and its derivative alkaloids are federally legal in the United States. The DEA considered kratom for scheduling under the Controlled Substance Act in 2016 but decided not to ban it. It is still important to pay attention to local and state ordinances, though, as federal legality does not mean that it is legal in your area.


Is Kratom Legal in Idaho?

 In the Gem State, you are free to use kratom in any and all situations. It is unclassified or scheduled at the state level. There have been attempts to regulate kratom, however, particularly following the death of a man in Pocatello. The coroner noted that his death should not raise any concern about natural kratom, but simply that Idahoans should consider regulating kratom so that people can be sure they are getting the real deal.


Is Kratom Legal in Idaho


History of Kratom Legislation in Idaho

 No legislative history about banning kratom exists in Idaho. However, Idahoans are concerned with regulating kratom with rules that will make it safer for consumers. The biggest risk associated with kratom is that you are unwittingly consuming the wrong substance. By passing a form of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, Idaho legislative bodies hope to quell the worries consumers have about purchasing adulterated kratom.

In February 2020, the Idaho Legislature faced an introduction of House Ordinance 567. This bill, referred to as the Kratom Truth in Labeling Act, is a form of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. It died in the Agricultural Affairs committee, so it will not have any chance of passing unless reintroduced in 2021. If passed, HO 567 would mean Idahoans could feel safer buying kratom in their state. The bill would also mean kratom sales will help the Idaho economy.

The Kratom Truth in Labeling Act would require that vendors register with the Idaho Department of Agriculture and pay fees. No vendor could sell synthetic kratom alkaloids, and any kratom sold must be verified as authentic by an independent laboratory. It would also outlaw the sale of kratom that contains contaminants, like lead or salmonella. The act would require all kratom products to have labels with their contents and place of origin. No one under 21 could buy kratom, and kratom’s alkaloids could comprise no more than 2% of 7-hydroxymitragynine, an active alkaloid in kratom.

This law seems like a step above no regulation, without the authoritarian nature of an outright ban. People should be allowed to use kratom if they need to, as it is a safe product. Likewise, people should be secure in knowing they are not buying contaminated or adulterated kratom. Kratom Consumer Protection Acts are a perfect compromise that allows people to continue using kratom while quelling safety concerns from its detractors.


Specific Regulations in Counties and Cities in Florida

 As with the state and country, kratom is legal within all municipalities in Idaho. If you live in this state, you can rejoice in knowing that no matter where you are, you can enjoy the myriad benefits of kratom.


Shipping Kratom to Idaho

Since it is legal, it is easy to have kratom shipped to Idaho. This means you can benefit from the quality and low-prices offered by online kratom retailers. This is surely the way to go, as most kratom retailers online specialize in kratom and go through the trouble of testing their product in laboratory settings for safety and quality.


Kratom Legal in Idaho


Best Places to Purchase Kratom in Idaho

Supporting local businesses could be your prerogative. If that is the case, there are many places in Idaho from where you can purchase kratom. Here is a list of highly rated kratom vendors:



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Idaho Falls

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  • The Vapor Door
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