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Gaia Kratom Vendor Review

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Gaia Kratom or Mitragaia is a long-standing name in the world of online kratom vendors. You will find many people saying good things about the company in various online reviews and forums. The company has many kratom powder options listed on its website, and they offer many discounts. You have multiple options for payment methods as well.

One noteworthy thing about Gaia Kratom is that they self-reported contamination during a well-documented salmonella outbreak in the kratom industry. This action was very respectable. While many companies sought to cover up their contaminated products, Gaia Kratom put its customers’ safety first.


Gaia Kratom Vendor


Gaia Kratom General Review

Gaia Kratom is currently going by the name Mitragaia, a clever combination of its old name and Mitragyna (the genus of plants that contains kratom). The store is based out of Nevada and has many options to cover any kratom user’s needs. The website is also aesthetically pleasing, as is the company’s logo and copy.

Mitragaia takes many kinds of payment methods, and it even provides a 20% discount if you pay with cryptocurrency. The company also offers same-day shipping and 30-day returns. No matter the reason, you can return your kratom within thirty days for a full refund with no restocking fee.


Gaia Kratom Product Review

Gaia Kratom or Mitragaia have many product options, which is the best part of any good kratom vendor. This store has you covered if you are looking for anything from white to yellow to green to red kratom. At the time of writing, the store has the following kratom powder in stock:

  • Maeng Da – Ganesh Maeng Da, Gold Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Plantation Green Maeng Da, Plantation Red Maeng Da, Plantation White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da
  • Red Vein – Red Asia, Red Bali, Red Batak, Red Borneo, Red Brunei, Red Dragon, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red JongKong, Red Kali, Red Kapuas Hulu, Red Ketapang, Red Malay, Red Sunda, Red Thai, Red Vietnam
  • Green Vein – Green Asia, Green Bali, Green Batak, Green Borneo, Green Brunei, Green Dragon, Green Horn, Green Indo, Green JongKong, Green Kali, Green Kapuas Hulu, Green Ketapang, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Sunda, Green Thai, Green Vietnam, Super Green Malay
  • White Vein – White Asia, White Bali, White Batak, White Borneo, White Brunei, White Dragon, White Horn, White Indo, White JongKong, White Kali, White Kapuas Hulu, White Ketapang, White Malay, White Sunda, White Thai, White Vietnam
  • Yellow Vein – Yellow Malay, Yellow Thai, Yellow Vietnam
  • Gold Vein – Bali Gold, Elephant


Gaia Kratom Pricing Review

Mitragaia has a standard pricing setup for its kratom powder, which makes shopping with them very convenient. For all of their kratom powder, you can expect to pay the following:

  • $5 for 1 ounce (roughly 30 grams)
  • $30 for 250 grams
  • $120 for 1 kilogram

While you can find kilograms for a lower price elsewhere, this is not a bad price for any of these quantities. $5 for an ounce is particularly significant. You will probably end up buying more kratom than you need with prices like these.


Gaia Kratom Coupon Codes

Gaia Kratom coupon codes and Mitragaia coupon codes exist in droves. The website links to its Curated Deals coupon codes, CouponXOO coupon codes, and Coupon Partner coupon codes for starters. They also have an affiliate program, rewards program, and newsletter with all kinds of ways to save. At the time of writing, the following Mitragaia coupon codes work:

  • GRATEFUL takes 10% off

The other place you can find Gaia Kratom coupon codes and Mitragaia coupon codes is at the top of their website’s homepage, like a banner ad.


Gaia Kratom Vendor Review


Gaia Kratom Brand Reputation

You can find reviews of Gaia Kratom, Mitragaia, and Gaia Ethnobotanicals on various Reddit forums throughout the internet. These are all names that Gaia Kratom has gone or currently goes by. Here are some of the more positive aspects from Reddit:

  • “Bad Kratom but good customer service.”
  • “Their stuff is good. I’d give it a 4/5. Their prices are decent, selection is broad, but there is something about the drying process with their stuff that doesn’t seem right to me.”
  • “Always high-quality product, arrives super fast too. Typically have my order 3 days after placing. I love the product and their service so I highly recommend giving them a shot.”


Gaia Kratom Customer Service Review

Gaia Kratom or Mitragaia seems to be doing good on the customer service front if you only go by the website. However, some detractors criticize them for providing less potent kratom and doing nothing to make up for it. Whether you get a good experience with them seems hit-or-miss.


Parting Words on Gaia Kratom

Gaia Kratom is a long-standing vendor. They had to change their name after controversy regarding the salmonella outbreak, but that was an issue that affected a wide variety of vendors. It seems if you want a reasonable price on some average kratom, this is the store for you.