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The 7 Best Kratom Shops to Buy From in Rochester, NY

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom

1. The Kratom Shop




There is a reason that this Kratom shop is one of the best in Rochester. They only offer unprocessed and pure Kratom strains, which means you’re always getting the best quality. This Kratom store sources all of its Kratom from Southeast Asia, and all of it is lab-tested. They have a fantastic Kratom selection, which gives you plenty of options. Their employees also do their best to help you make the right choice in a friendly manner. Their store is clean and well-decorated; the atmosphere is chill, making it a great place to spend some time purchasing your favorite strains. 



984 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14620, United States



2. Mad Hatter’s Hide AwayMad Hatter's Hide Away, 2334 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609, United States



Kratom’s prices in Mad Hatter’s Hide Away are competitive, which is great for a head shop. Their Kratom selection is vast, and the quality is top-notch as well. Besides the Kratom that will blow you away, their collection of all other items is comprehensive. You’ll find that their glass selection is the best in the region. The customer service is quick and efficient, helping you each time you’re in a hurry. They will also take the time to explain anything you ask without any hesitation. If you have any outstanding orders, they will make it happen as well, and they’re going to do it fast.



2334 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14609, United States



3. Hempire State Smoke ShopHempire State Smoke Shop, 2338 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606, United States



Hempire State Smoke Shop has a wide range of Kratom strains. There are just so many options, and none of them are wrong. However, if you’re new to this stuff, the employees will teach you anything related to Kratom. They will do that happily as they love sharing their knowledge. The prices are reasonable, and the environment inside the store is welcoming and friendly. You will feel right at home while purchasing your favorite Kratom strains. Other than Kratom, they have an excellent selection of Glass, CBD, and Vape products.



2338 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606, United States



4. Acadia CBD & KratomAcadia, 2338 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606, United States



Acadia has one of the best choices regarding Kratom and CBD in Rochester. There are various Kratom strains, and some of the most popular are White Borneo, Green Maeng Da, and Red Bali. They also have loads of different CBD options, which is how Acadia gives you more than just one reason to visit. The employees are hardworking, and the first thing you will notice upon entering is the smiles on their faces. They’re amiable and will provide you every bit of information about their products because they just love talking about their items.



677 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607, United States



5. Westside Smoke ShopWestside Smoke Shop, 1105 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606, United States



Westside Smoke Shop is one of the best smoke shops in the town for a reason. The selection is neverending. They have loads of different items, including smoking accessories, blades, sunglasses, drinks, Kratom, and other stuff. You will find pretty much everything you need. Their Kratom is of high quality, which means it won’t disappoint. The employees are knowledgable, and they always look to provide their customers with many different details about each of the products they’re about to sell. They have a passion for what they’re doing, something you don’t see very often.



1105 Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606, United States



6. Clinton Ave Smoke ShopClinton Ave Smoke Shop, 1036 N Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14621, United States



This place is unique. You will find various items that you don’t see every day. Because their collection is so impressive, you will find yourself browsing in the smoke shop for more than you initially wanted. They have a decent selection of Kratom, as you can find all of the primary strains. The prices are reasonable, pretty much competitive with other smoke shops in the region. The customer service is excellent. The workers are well-informed about their products, and won’t wait for a second to explain all the details of the product you want.



1036 N Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14621, United States



7. Elab Smokers BoutiqueElab Smoker's Boutique, 4373 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14612, United States



People don’t mind driving a bit further just to visit this place. It’s just so good. The interior is clean and well-decorated, making the atmosphere astonishing. The employees will make your trip to the store that much better. They will make sure that you know everything about the products that interest you. They’re also amicable, treating you like a real human being, not just another cash source. Their Kratom is of high quality, and the prices are affordable as you would want them. The selection of the Asian-herb is decent, giving you some of the more popular choices.



4373 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14612, United States