The Top 10 Kratom Shops to Buy From in Springfield, Massachusetts

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom
December 03, 2021 | Kratom Legality, Kratom Near Me
  • Western Mass Hydroponics

This specialty store is arguably the best establishment that sells kratom in Springfield. Western Mass has some of the best plant-based products and hydroponic equipment in the city. They are a family-owned business that sells fresh, capsule, and powdered kratom at reasonable prices. You can visit them every day between 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.

Some of their best-selling kratom strains include White Borneo, Green Maeng Da, and Red Horn. The shop is also known for its excellent customer service. Moreover, you can also buy gardening essentials in this store, from fertilizers to clay pots. It also has a smoke section to purchase hookahs, glass pipes, rigs, and other smoking paraphernalia.

Address:  1760 Boston Rd, Springfield, MA 01129

  • Murphy’s Pop Shop

Murphy’s is one of the most popular places in the city to get fresh and affordable kratom. They carry some of the recognizable brands of powdered and capsule kratom in the market. White Sumatra, Red Borneo, and Super Green Malay are just some of the strains they have on display. You can visit this store every day between 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M.

This store is also one of the few establishments that peddle Cannabidiol (CBD) and other hemp products. You can also buy vape, cigarettes, and a few smoking accessories in their newly renovated shop. Customers can also relax in the shop’s small lounge while trying out some of their products.

Address:  78 Island Pond Rd, Springfield, MA 01118

  • Zain’s Smoke Shop & Convenience StoreZains smoke shop

If you want to buy good-quality and affordable kratom in Springfield, then you should head over to Zain’s Smoke Shop. Their store has a comprehensive collection of the powdered, capsule, and liquid kratom. Some of their most sought-after strains include Red Horn, White Thai, Yellow Bali, and Green Borneo. The store has a pretty chill vibe, thanks to its classy interior design.

The store employees are also quite the expert on the things they sell and can make great recommendations that suit your needs, and preferences which strain suits your needs and preference. Moreover, they always keep the store clean and well-organized. Zain’s also has a convenience store section where you can get your favorite snacks and beverages.

Address: 895 Carew St, Springfield, MA 01104

  • Smokin’ Deals

Smokin Deals is another famous place in Springfield where Mitragyna Speciosa enthusiasts can get their kratom fix. They sell some of the popular brands of powdered and capsule kratom at affordable prices. Consequently, some of their best-selling kratom strains are Red Dragon, Green Indo, and White Malay. You can drop by their store every day between 9:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M.

Like other smoke shops, they sell tobacco and vape products, including smoking accessories.  Smokin’ deals have beautifully designed hookahs, glass pipes, heady glasses, and bongs. The store is also located in one of the busier commercial complexes in the city and is adjacent to a large parking lot. Its employees are also courteous and are more than willing to help customers make the right purchase.

Address: 1285 Boston Rd, Springfield, MA 01119

  • Buckeye Bros Smoke Shop

If you want to shop for tobacco and kratom products in a chill place, then you should visit Buckeye Bros. This store has a classy interior highlighted by wooden cabinets and upholstery. They also have a dedicated kratom section where strains such as White Borneo, Green Dragon, and Red Malay. You can try out their products while relaxing in their small lounge.

Buckeye Bros Smoke Shop’s exterior is also a head-turner, thanks to its cartoonish murals. There’s also a mural of the owner on one of its outside walls. Moreover, the employees are pretty familiar with kratom and other tobacco products. Hence, they can give you some great advice on how to enjoy certain brands of cigars properly.

Address:  974 Main St, Springfield, MA 01103

  • Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge

Smokey Joes in SpringfieldWhen it comes to selling premium and reasonably priced cigars, nothing beats Smokey Joe’s store. The shop’s interior has a very modern look, much like your typical bar. It also has a lounge and pool tables which customers can use to entertain themselves while trying the store’s finest cigars. The employees always keep the interior clean and well-organized.

Smokey Joe’s Cigar Lounge also serves liquor and a few recipes that go along well with one another. They recently added a few kratom products on their shelves for those interested in trying out the popular Asian herb.

Address: 395 Dwight St, Springfield, MA 01103

  • The Head Shop

Thanks to its vast store sign and elegant facade, the Head Shop is one of Springfield’s most recognizable smoke shops. The store sells all sorts of items related to the hippie culture, from t-shirts to hemp products. Furthermore, they also have a small kratom section where you can find some of the popular powdered and capsule kratoms brands in the market.

White Bali, Red Dragon, and Green Borneo are just some of the strains you can choose from their inventory. The store’s interior is also well-organized and has plenty of space despite having a single-aisle layout.

Address: 524 Main St, West Springfield, MA 01089

  • UR Discount Tobacco & Lottery

If you want to buy some of the cheapest kratoms in the city, you should visit UR Discount Tobacco. The shop has a vast collection of powdered and capsule kratom products directly from a Southeast Asian partner.

Green Indo, White Sumatra, and Red Thai are just a few strains you can get from this shop. Moreover, they sell tobacco and vape products, including smoking accessories at low prices. If you want to try your luck, you can also buy lottery tickets from this store.

Address: 1207 Parker St, Springfield, MA 01129

  •  Jay’s Food Mart & Smoke Shop

Don’t let the store’s name fool you. Jay’s food mart not only sells grub but smoke products as well. The store also has a small kratom section where you can find capsules and powdered kratom on display. If you want to visit the store, be mindful that they open at 7:00 A.M. and close at 9:00 P.M.

Aside from kratom, this store also peddles tobacco and vape products, including smoking paraphernalia. However, their stall is much smaller than other entries on the list.

Address: 823-825 Belmont Ave, Springfield, MA 01108

Jays food mart and smoke shop

  • I.Q. Smoke Shop

This newly opened establishment in Boston Road attracts many kratom enthusiasts because of its extensive collection of Mitragyna speciosa strains. The store has a pretty classy look which makes use of a single-aisle layout. You can visit their stall in Eastfield Mall from 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Some of the strains you can find here are Green Vietnam, White Horn, and Red Thai.

Aside from kratom, the store also sells a large inventory of tobacco and vape products. You can also find hookahs, bongs, heady glasses, and other smoking accessories at I.Q. Smoke Shop. Moreover, the staff overlooking the stall is quite knowledgeable about every item they sell. As such, you can ask them for any recommendations, and they will gladly comply.

Address: 1655 Boston Road, Springfield, Massachusetts 01129