Best Places To Buy Kratom From in Overland Park, Kansas

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom
November 15, 2021 | Kratom Legality, Kratom Near Me

Vapor World

1. Vapor World

Vapor World is one of the few vape shops located in Overland Park where you can get kratom. They sell various kratom strains such as Green Maeng Da and Red Indo. The store’s inventory is sent directly from a Southeast Asian partner and is tested by an independent laboratory.

One of the few things you’ll quickly notice when entering this shop is clean and orderly. Their employees are also courteous and well-informed on kratom and other Cannabidiol (CBD) products. Furthermore, you can get some premium blends and vapor juice in this store.

Address: 12224 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66221

2. OP Vapes

Overland Park’s finest lifestyle store is also one of the best places where you can get kratom. This classy vape store sells numerous kratom products in powdered and capsule forms. They carry the Klarity Kratom brand in their inventory with strains such as Red Bali and White Borneo. If you are lucky, you can get the occasional kratom edibles in this shop.

As a vape shop, OP carries several flavors of vape juice and all sorts of smoking peripherals.  The place is known for providing excellent customer service. Moreover, the knowledge of their staff about the different kinds of kratom is almost unparalleled. This place’s interior also has a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

Address:  8290 W 151st St Suite B, Overland Park, KS 66223

3. Shawnee Kratom

This store is one of the newer merchants in the area to add kratom into their inventory. Their kratom is relatively inexpensive compared to other entries in this list. However, the strains of kratom you can get from them are pretty limited to only Green Maeng Da and Borneo White.

Shawnee Kratom’s shop also has a generic facade that is easy to mistake for anything but a kratom store. While this unassuming store doesn’t have the vibrant vibe of most hippie stores, it makes up for it by providing excellent customer service.

Address: 7807 Shawnee Mission Pkwy Suite B, Overland Park, KS 66202

4. KC Fumes

Despite being the second most populated area in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park has few kratom shops. Many other shops that sell kratom, such as KC Fumes, are located in nearby areas. These stores take less than an hour’s drive from Overland Park and can also be accessed using public transportation.

KC Fumes kratom shop in Overland Park

KC Fumes is one of the nearest kratom stores outside Overland Park. They carry a bunch of kratom strains from Red Maeng Da to Yellow Indo. The store also specializes in CBD products and smoking peripherals such as glass pipes.

Address: 13608 Washington St, Kansas City, MO 64145

5. Smoke Totz

Another nearby kratom source near Overland Park sells mainly vaping and smoking products at unbeatable prices. Established in 2015, Smoke Totz also expanded its inventory to CBD and pipes.

The store stands by its pronouncement as a one-stop head and smoke shop. They have hundreds of pipes to choose from and have dozens of vape brands for sale. Their selection of kratom is decent with strains such as White Maeng Da and Yellow Indo. Furthermore, the staff always maintain the store’s cleanliness throughout the year.

Address: 1263 W 103rd St, Kansas City, MO 64114

6. Smoker’s Heaven

Smoker’s  Heaven is another famous vape shop that sells kratom near the Overland Park area. Aside from vapes and CBDs, this store also carries hundreds of hookahs and glass pipes. The price of their kratom is quite reasonable, while its quality is on par with other entries in this list.

Smokers Haven kratom shop in Overland Park Kansas

They also have very dedicated workers who know their kratom well. The store’s interior is pretty standard with a one-isle layout and neat shelves.

Address: 10145 Wornall Rd Kansas City, MO 64114

7. Let’s Vape & Smoke 

If you want to get your hands on quality kratom at affordable prices, look no further than Let’s Vape & Smoke. They have several kratom items you won’t find anywhere else,  such as Blissful Remedies Kratom Extract. This liquid kratom is used to lower stress and has a relaxing effect. Aside from kratom, they also sell glass pipes, hookahs, glass pipes, and shisha tobacco. , a

Address: 3745 Broadway Blvd Kansas City, MO 64111

8. Cloud 9 Gifts & Smoke Shop

This discount shop is one of the unassuming stores where you can get kratom. It’s a short drive from Overland Park, but it’s worth shopping here because of their extensive that very collection of kratom products. They often have a stock of popular kratom strains like White Borneo and Red Maeng Da.

Moreover, they also sell smoking accessories such as bongs, chillums, silicone pipes, and ashtrays. Their workers are friendly and knowledgeable about kratom. According to their website, most of their kratom products have been tested by independent laboratories to ensure safety.

Address: 1038 West 103rd St Kansas City, MO 64114

9. Lenexa Smoke Shop

Lenexa is another smoke shop that sells kratom near the Overland Park area. This store is also near a gas station, which is along Santa Fe Trail Drive. While they have only a few kratom strains available, their affordable price alone is enough to consider buying from them.

Moreover, most of the kratom brands they carry are tested by third-party laboratories. This smoke shop also sells pipes, ashtray, and even vape. The store’s layout is similar to a convenience store. The staff delightful that very and informed about the products they peddle.

Address:  13500 Santa Fe Trail Dr, Lenexa, Kansas City, MO 66215

10. KC Kratom Westport 

Finally, we have KC Kratom Westport, which is a half-hour drive from Overland Park. This store specializes in selling premium kratom and CBD. According to their website, they get their kratom directly from Indonesian farmers.  They also partnered with third-party laboratories to test their kratom items and ensure that they complied with state regulations.

Some of their most popular kratom strains include Red Vein Bali and Premium Indo. They sell them in powdered, capsules, and even edibles. The shop also draws many locals because of its excellent customer service.

Address: 3957 Broadway Blvd Unit B, Kansas City, MO 6411