Best Places To Buy Kratom From in Oakland, California

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom

1. Twisted Thistle Apothecary

By far one of the best-rated kratom stores in the Oakland area, Twistle Thistle Apothecary is a quirky and fun location with a lot to offer. The team here are committed to offering the best strains and varieties of kratom to every customer who steps through the doors.

One of the best things about this location is the sheer variety in terms of their products. You’ll find all of the usual kratom suspects here, all at fair and reasonable prices. Plus, the customer service at Twisted Thistle is top notch; the staff here really treat every customer with care and respect.

Address: 4156 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

2. Mamba Smoke

Mamba Smoke is another excellent location when shopping for Kratom in Oakland, offering in-store shopping, delivery services in the local area, and kerbside pick-up too if you call in advance and place your order.

They’re open from 10am through to 10pm every day of the week, with a super selection of kratom products, in addition to pipes, CBD, and other smoking accessories to satisfy all your needs. The customer service here is excellent, too, with really friendly and knowledgeable members of staff.

Address: 3224 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

3. Puff N Stuff

Puff N Stuff is one of the oldest head shops in the whole of Oakland, first opening its doors way back in 1976 and running consistently for more than 40 years since then. This store has been a big part of the smoking and marijuana scene in Oakland over the ages and continues to adapt and evolve to suit the changing needs of today’s customers.

They’re pretty focused on pipes, smoking accessories, and so on, but you can find kratom here too. Depending on when you visit, there may be various different strains, powders, and capsules on offer at very reasonable prices, and the staff will only be too happy to share their own recommendations if you’re not too experienced.

Address: 4051 Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601

4. Bumble Bee Botanicals

If you’re willing to make the short drive from Oakland into San Francisco for some quality kratom, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts at Bumble Bee Botanicals. This is one of the few locations in the SF area to be thoroughly dedicated to the sale and supply of kratom.

In fact, they’re the only kratom-oriented retail store in the entire city, carrying no less than 15 different strains of kratom in both powder and capsule form. You can also buy kratom extracts here in quantities of your choosing, anytime from 11am to 7pm.

Address: 3215 17th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

5. Kreed Botanicals 

Kreed Botanicals is situated a few miles east of Oakland in the city of Concord, but they offer direct kratom delivery service to addresses in Oakland, so you can order online or over the phone to get quality kratom sent straight to your door.

There’s a great range of kratom here, sure to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning customer, including capsules, powders, extracts, crushed leaf, and even kratom tea bags too. Plus, Kreed is always getting new kratom products in stock, so you can check back with them regularly and try something new each time.

Address: 4425C Treat Blvd, STE 179, Concord CA, 94521

6. Annapurna

Annapurna can be found a short drive from Oakland in Berkeley. It’s actually one of the oldest smoke shopes in the area, with many years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers. In short, this is a place you can trust for kratom and other products too.

They have a good selection of kratom strains, so you can trust this store to always have at least some sort of kratom in stock. Plus, the staff here are real experts on kratom and related goods, so they’ll be able to answer your questions and share interesting information with you.

Address: 2416 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

7. Smoking Aces

If you want kratom at a bargain price, Smoking Aces might be the perfect store for you. This place runs some amazing deals and discounts throughout the year. So you can get a lot of kratom for not a lot of cash if you choose to visit.

Plus, the quality of the kratom here is pretty impressive too. They’ve got some of the best kratom in the SF area, and the store itself is a pleasant place to wander around with a fun design, vibrant neon lights, and friendly, cheerful staff members waiting to greet you.

Address: 1108 Polk St #5513, San Francisco, CA 94109

8. Alembique Apothecary

Alembique Apothecary continues the traditions of the apothecaries of old, stocking and selling a wonderful range of unusual herbs, plants, and natural products. They’re all about Mother Earth and the power of nature at this place, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got an extensive kratom section with a good number of powders and capsules.

Alembique Apothecary always prioritizes quality over quantity too; they only sell official, lab-tested kratom, so you can be sure that you aren’t buying anything of questionable quality. And, like many other stores in the area, the staff here are knowledgeable and passionate about their work.

Address: 901 Hearst Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

9. Tobacco Shop

Again, you’ll have to be willing to head over to San Francisco to find this place, but it’s definitely worth a detour or a visit if you’re in the area, and you might head home with a few interesting items. The store offers a myriad of smoking, vaping, and herbal products, all with very attractive price tags attached, and they do a lot of good deals throughout the year too.

In terms of kratom, there’s usually a good mixture of strains in stock at this store, and they only sell pure quality powders and capsules, so you won’t have to worry about any subpar strains.

Address: 1135 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

10.  Whelan’s Smoke Shop

Whelan’s Smoke Shop is a traditional smoke shop, offering all the usual products you’d expect to find like colorful glass pipes, bongs, and other fun accessories for smoking enthusiasts. But there’s also a kratom section at this store with some very decent products and fair prices too.

Whelan’s Smoke Shop is dedicated to product quality, so they don’t settle for second best. They only sell high quality, lab-tested kratom, including strains like Red Bali, Green Malay, and so on. The staff are awesome here too, always happy to say hello to new customers.

Address: 2486 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704