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April 7, 2021Vendor Reviews

Stan David Botanicals is an online kratom vendor based in Virginia that was formed in 2016. The vendor sells many kratom products along with other plant derivatives. Between the two websites, there is a dearth of information. An empty blog and an “About Us” page with the default text give you no more information than the founder’s name, Stan David.


General Review

Stan David Botanicals has many kratom products and other plant-based products. The prices are fairly standard. Annoyingly, each quantity of each strain has its own landing page—it would be nice if you could click on each strain and choose the quantity from there. You are also required to pay via check or money order, which is an inconvenience for anyone without a checkbook. The website looks nice, but its aesthetic quality is mainly due to the Shopify platform. For images, it uses stock photos of teacups, and for descriptive text, Stan David chose to do nothing.


Stan David Botanicals Vendor Review


Product Review

As far as kratom goes, you have several options of strains and blends on the Stan David Botanicals website. You must navigate to the Green, Red, White, or Yellow Asian Tea section, as the page makes no mention of kratom itself. Even Maeng Da strains are shortened to MD. Still, under each heading, you will find myriad strains at reasonable prices. Classic strains like Red Bali, Red Borneo, Gold Bali, Yellow Vietnam, and Green Malay grace the website. Stan David Botanicals also sells 50x Green Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da extracts, along with blends.

You can also purchase akuamma powder, kava powder, hirsuta powder, and more from Stan David Botanicals. There is nothing on the website about how the kratom is sourced. All of the products are shipped via USPS Priority methods.


Pricing Review

The one thing that stands out about Stan David Botanicals is standard pricing across kratom strains and low prices on single ounces of kratom. One ounce of any strain costs $5. Moving up to eight ounces will cost you $35, 16 ounces cost $55, and 1 kilogram costs $110. Above the one-ounce prices, the pricing is nothing to write home about. $110 for a kilogram is on the higher end of kratom pricing, but it is not unheard of. The website might offer returns, but you would have to ask them. They also do not offer free shipping and have incredibly inconvenient payment methods.


Stan David Botanicals Coupon Codes

As it stands, it is not easy to find a Stan David Botanicals coupon code. Perhaps if you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive one in your inbox, but given that the website has such a lazy design, you are unlikely to receive anything at all from this newsletter. Googling “Stan David Botanicals coupon code” or “Stan David Botanicals coupon codes” might yield results, too.


Brand Reputation

There is no Google Review page for the brand, but it has generated some buzz in online forums. The following testimonials come from a thread on Double M Herbals, a popular kratom forum:

  • “I would HIGHLY recommend Stan David … I’ve actually never had a bad experience with anything from him.”
  • “… I keep going back to SD. I can’t recommend him highly enough …Very nice guy, gets new shipments every week.”
  • “Well established, History in business, solid reputation. Reasonable prices. Variety of interesting strains and products.”

Of course, he has his detractors. People claim that the only reason Stan David Botanicals can keep its doors open is that it got in early on some ideal kratom advertising routes on Facebook. Here are some more negative reviews of Stan David Botanicals, also from Double M Herbals:

  • “He’s a ‘vetted vendor’ on a large FB Group, where there’s only five on their ‘vetted’ List so, he has very little competition there … I think that’s his main squeeze.”
  • “… his website is among the worst on design and usability … I don’t need a super fancy website … but I do need to find stuff without clicking on page after page of confusion.”
  • “I had a question about my order … I got no response from my phone call. No response to email. Sent a message thru FB got no response. Posted on their vendor page, and his dopey admin got snippy and booted me!! I mean, WTF?”

Stan David Botanicals Vendor


Customer Service Review

The customer service with Stan David Botanicals is hit-or-miss. People lament that Stan David himself is not approachable, and, as seen above, there are many stories about not being able to get questions answered about orders or anything. The following reviews will show both the good and the bad in Stan David Botanicals’ customer service:

  • “He’s open and friendly, and he has a very good reputation among his customers.”
  • “I got yelled at for badgering when my order got lost and was never even shipped! SDs admins blamed it on the USPS! They never even apologized.”
  • “… I placed an order and didn’t receive my invoice. I contacted him, and he said he’d get right on it but no such luck. I received an order yesterday that was placed last Thursday, and it’s not my order, and he is not responding to my emails …”


Closing Thoughts

Stan David Botanicals’ website appears shrouded in mystery at first glance. A peak underneath the surface shows that the owner might not care about transparency as much as you would like your kratom vendor to do so. Still, if you are one of the lucky few who get timely customer service and shipping, apparently the product is fantastic. Order with caution—it might take a while to receive your product.

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