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April 7, 2021Vendor Reviews

Save On Kratom, also called SoK, is an online kratom vendor based out of Springfield, OR. The vendor offers options of standard or premium kratom in various quantities. It has some of the most competitive prices available (hence the name), and it ships out orders quickly. It is believable that they deliver on all these claims, as they have been around since 2013, a long time for a kratom vendor.


General Review

Save On Kratom makes many lofty claims on their website, but it appears that they live up to most of them. You can purchase myriad strains of kratom, but whether or not they are actually as cheap as the name says is debatable. You get free shipping on orders over $25, which is a lower threshold than most vendors require for free shipping. You can also find many educational materials about kratom on the Save On Kratom website. Overall, Save On Kratom appears to be a standard kratom vendor that does not do anything special but will not disappoint.


Save On Kratom Vendor Review


Product Review

The variety of products available on the Save On Kratom web store is the vendor’s biggest selling point. You can select from over 35 strains of kratom, meaning that they have something for everybody. Most of the strains come in powder form and belong to the red vein, green vein, or white vein variants of kratom. You can also buy crushed leaf Green Maeng Da, Green Premium Bali, White Thai, or Red Wildcraft. UEI and Golden Reserve kratom extract powder are also available on the online store.

The variety of strains and product types is enticing, but one thing to keep in mind is that the website does not mention lab-testing. They have logos that say “Guaranteed Authentic Product,” and it is unlikely that the company would have built up such a reputation if this were not true. It is still advisable to purchase from trustworthy retailers.


Pricing Review

With a name like Save On Kratom, you would expect the lowest prices around. The prices here are fairly standard, and there are definitely cheaper kratom vendors out there. The powder kratom starts between $7.99 and $14.99 for an ounce. For a kilogram, the prices go up to between $119.99 and $299.99. Some websites sell kilograms for under $100, so it is not apparent why they call themselves Save On Kratom. You do get free shipping on orders over $25, though.


Save On Kratom Coupon Codes

Save On Kratom will occasionally release coupon codes that allow you to save on Save On Kratom products. Other than the aforementioned free shipping on orders more than $25 and priority shipping on orders costing over $100, Save On Kratom also includes free kratom powder samples in every order. Though it is not technically a discount, the free samples will save a regular kratom user money in the long run.


Brand Reputation

The reputation of Save on Kratom is mixed. Forums throughout the internet contain customers claiming that they have top-notch products, while others state that their prices are fairly high. Still, seasoned kratom users claim that the price you pay at Save On Kratom can be worth the quality of kratom you receive from the store. If you are willing to pay a little bit extra, you are likely to be happy with the level of kratom Save on Kratom will send you.


Save On Kratom Vendor


Customer Service Review

If the store’s policies are anything to go on, Save On Kratom offers fantastic customer service. For starters, the tiers of free shipping are reasonable. Also, the extra samples in every package are a nice bonus. On top of this, the shipping is supposedly fast, and returns are easy. You do have to pay a nominal restocking fee if you return an unopened product, but the fee covers shipping as well. It seems like Save On Kratom is a brand that centers on its customers.


Closing Thoughts

Save On Kratom is a pillar of the online kratom vendor scene. Their reputation can be seen in the fact that SoK is an understood acronym within kratom forums. If you are looking for a place that provides top-quality kratom, fantastic customer service, and middle-of-the-road prices, Save On Kratom is a great option. If you like to purchase kratom in bulk, you may find lower prices elsewhere, and the quality might be the same or better. Truly, the best way to discover if Save On Kratom’s kratom is right for you is by trying it yourself—no one can answer this for you.

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