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PA Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

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PA Botanicals is a Pennsylvania-based brick-and-mortar and online kratom retail operation well-loved by many kratom enthusiasts. Doing business in-person and on the internet is an incredible combo for kratom vendors. Brick-and-mortar vendors that maintain an online presence tend to have better pricing and options than their competitors. Likewise, online vendors that interact with people daily respond better to the changing needs and desires of their customers.

By serving people online and in its store, PA Botanicals has developed an excellent knowledge base and brand reputation. Its online store has many varieties of kratom alongside other botanical products and kratom extracts. It is truly a one-stop shop for the average kratom enthusiast.


PA Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review


PA Botanicals General Review

With aesthetically pleasing branding and a pretty website, PA Botanicals makes a great first impression. The store has no shortage of product options for customers, and it seems to have all of the standard trappings of a respectable kratom vendor.

PA Botanicals publishes its lab results online so that you can feel secure about sourcing kratom here. It is hard to find any information about PA Botanicals’ shipping and return policies. However, on its “Contact Us” page, it says that you can get in touch about returns. Presumably, you need to shoot them an email to learn more about their policies.


PA Botanicals Product Review

This review will primarily focus on the kratom strains and powder that PA Botanicals has in stock. It also offers akuamma, kava, and CBD, but this is primarily concerned with how PA Botanicals serves as a kratom vendor.

The following strains of kratom can be found in its store online:

  • Green Powder Strains – Super Green Indo, Green Machine Blend, Green Malay, Emerald Green, Green Borneo, and Cambodian
  • Red Powder Strains – The Original Red Fibro, Red Maeng Da, Bali, Red Borneo, Superior Bentuangie, Red Thai, Jessie’s Blend, Red Machine Blend, Vietnam, Red Private Reserve, Red Horn
  • White Powder Strains – White Gold, White Indo, White Horn, White Kapuas, White Bali
  • Yellow Powder Strains – The Grouch, Yellow Borneo, Yippee Hippee
  • Kratom Powder Blends – Ultra Maeng Da, Champagne, Create Your Own, All American, Tri-Horn, Monkey Business, Kurt’s Blend, Blends Private Reserve


PA Botanicals Pricing Review

Almost all of PA Botanicals’ pricing is standard for its kratom powder. This is convenient because it means you can try anything on its website and expect the same price. While the price they have on kilograms is not the best, it is not as unreasonable as some vendors. The price for ounces on this website is an incredible deal. The following list shows PA Botanicals’ kratom powder price points:

  • 1 ounce costs $7
  • 2 ounces cost $13
  • 4 ounces cost $23
  • 6 ounces cost $30
  • 16 ounces cost $60
  • 1 kilogram cost $115


PA Botanicals Coupon Codes

PA Botanicals has several coupon codes floating around the internet, so be sure to use a search engine to find some PA Botanicals coupon codes before you shop. At the time of writing, “PASAVE10” can earn you $10 off orders of $50 or more. “GREEN15” knocks 15% off your order.

Most kratom retailers would benefit from coupon codes and mailing lists, so good on PA Botanicals for setting an example.


PA Botanicals Brand Reputation

PA Botanicals has mixed reviews, like all retail operations. Its Google Rating is an impressive 4.7-stars, made more remarkable because it is out of 190 reviews. Here are some things people have been saying on Google:

  • “PA Botanicals are consistently excellent. I’m never disappointed with their products …”
  • “Love this store! Amazing selection, clean environment, great people! If you need any herbal supplements of any kind, this is the place!”
  • “They’ve got the best prices, and they ship really fast. We usually have our order within 2/3 business days. They really do such an amazing job, and they’ve got the freshest kratom.”


PA Botanicals Kratom Vendor


PA Botanicals Customer Service Review

In terms of customer service, PA Botanicals seems to do a fantastic job. Customers frequently point to them giving out free samples and shipping very quickly. The rewards program has also made some life-long customers out of people.

It is pretty much impossible to sacrifice good customer service when you have a brick-and-mortar operation. The fact that they are still in business and have many people willing to laud them online speaks to the notion that they probably have excellent customer service know-how.


Parting Words on PA Botanicals

If you are in Pennsylvania, then you should check out PA Botanicals in person. Fortunately, if you do not live in Pennsylvania, you can still become a customer. Unless the business changes drastically, we should expect to see it last for a while.