Health Body and Mind Kratom Vendor Review

April 15, 2021Vendor Reviews

Health Body and Mind, or HB&M, is an online kratom vendor located in Riverside County, CA. At the time of writing, the company appears to be closed. Its website has a banner that reads “We will reopen December 2020” and an event with the name “Urgent Read – Temporarily Closing Sept 2020.” Whether they will reopen is yet to be seen.


General Review

The earliest mentions of HB&M kratom online were in 2014, when the owner of Health Body and Mind greeted users of the Reddit forum called KratomKorner. With this approachable attitude, Health Body and Mind established a great reputation among kratom users, and the comments on this thread are filled with people raving about their products.


Health Body and Mind Kratom Vendor Review

Product Review

As mentioned, there are no products on Health Body and Mind’s website at the time of writing. The site’s Green Leaf, Red Leaf, and White Leaf product pages allude that they only sold kratom leaf or powder and sold several strains of each kind. The following list includes some strains mentioned in reviews that HB&M sold in the past:

  • Red Vein – Red Riau, Red Bali Maeng Da, Red Mahakam, Red Medan, Red Sumatra, Red Indo, Red Elephant Bali
  • Green Vein – Green Jongkong, Green Maeng Da, Green Mahakam, Green Medan, Green Riau
  • White Vein – White Maeng Da, White Malay, White Bali, Plantation Maeng Da


Pricing Review

Before closing, Health Body and Mind had reasonable prices for buying kratom. Every strain had the same pricing structure. The prices are not the highest, but you would not exactly call it a bargain. The store offered sales in the past, and you will find Health Body and Mind kratom coupon codes all over the internet. The following is how Health Body and Mind structured pricing in the past:

  • $7.50 for 1 ounce of kratom powder
  • $14 for 2 ounces of kratom powder
  • $28 for 4 ounces of kratom powder
  • $55 for 8 ounces of kratom powder
  • $87 for 500 grams (roughly 18 ounces) of kratom powder
  • $145 for 1000 grams (roughly 35 ounces) of kratom powder

You also received free shipping on your orders. Besides this, the store used to have a Bargain Bin section, where you could find 4-ounce packages of kratom for under $15.


Health Body and Mind Coupon Codes

When it was open, Health Body and Mind would give 15% off with the coupon code “15OFF.” The store also offered monthly sales through coupon codes with names like “HBMAprilSale.” If HB&M comes back, customers will likely see more Health Body and Mind coupons.


Brand Reputation

Through its presence in online forums, Health Body and Mind has built an incredible reputation and tailor its products to fit the customers. It is easy to find people lauding Health Body and Mind on Reddit’s KratomKorner and the I Love Kratom forum. Of course, every company has its detractors. People complain that the prices on bulk orders are too high, and many prefer alternatives for this reason. Here are some customer testimonials that were taken from the internet:

  • “Just needed to say that HB&M is an awesome company.”
  • “It’s not expensive if you’re an occasional burner, but if you burn twice daily like I do, it adds up fast since they don’t do bulk deals. Their owner is really nice.”
  • “HB&M is an excellent vendor. All their strains are very good to excellent for me.”


Health Body and Mind Kratom Vendor Review


Customer Service Review

Everybody who purchases from this company says they are great to deal with on a personal level. Even when people go on their favorite kratom forums to complain, they bring up the kratom vendor’s great customer service. Read the second quote above, and you will find someone upset about the price claiming that the owner is nice. Another Reddit comment where a user claims that the strains all taste and look the same but says they have “great customer service though.” Of course, the people who like them also love customer service. The owner Leo is apparently approachable, and the store always has sales and discounts.


Closing Thoughts

Health Body and Mind is a fantastic kratom vendor but is closed for the foreseeable future. If they ever reopen, you will be able to experience the stellar customer service, quality products, and low prices on small purchases that kratom consumers associate with this brand.

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