The 10 Best Kratom Shops to Buy From in Lakeland, Florida

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom

We know just how challenging buying Kratom locally in Lakeland, Florida can be, and we’re here to showcase some of the best stores that sell Kratom in the city to make it easier for you.

Let’s begin.

  • Discount Kratom Corner

There’s not a good reason why you shouldn’t get Kratom at Discount Kratom Corner if you’re an Asian herb lover. It’s the only thing they sell here, and that’s always a good sign if you don’t need anything other than Kratom. We love the fact that all of their Kratom is one hundred percent pure, and it’s always a good balance between low prices and high quality here.

You’ll also appreciate the employees working at Discount Kratom Corner. They’ll do everything they can to make your time at the shop more enjoyable, while also answering all of your questions about their products.

5385 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33813, United States

  • Lizard Juice CBD & Vape

You will quickly find out why Lizard Juice CBD & Vape is considered one of the most popular smoke stores in Lakeland, Florida. They sell a large variety of smoking, vaping, and herbal necessities here, but you’ll especially like the Kratom they have to offer. It’s always very potent and you can get it at affordable prices, but we also love that they offer one of the widest assortments of Kratom strains to choose from.

People working at Lizard Juice CBD & Vape are excellent as well. They’re very amiable and helpful, making sure that you’ll feel right at home each time you visit this shop.


3238 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States

  • CJ Vapes & Lounge

CJ Vapes & Lounge is always your go-to place to pick up a variety of top-of-the-line products in the city. They’ll supply you with vaporizers, Kratom, premium e-liquids, and more at reasonable prices. Their Kratom and Kava drinks are just amazing and it won’t take you too long to notice it for yourself.

Their items are always of pure quality, and you’ll love that you can get lots of different drinks at CJ Vapes & Lounge. We also like the employees working here. They know a lot about their products, but they’re also welcoming and will treat you with respect throughout your whole stay at the shop.

5181 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809, United States

  • Grove Park Smoke Shop

There are a lot of good things about Grove Park Smoke Shop, but quite a few different customers mention that you can’t get better prices on Kratom than here. It’s your Polk County’s premier smoke and vape shop in the region, and they have been serving the local community for quite some time now.

Vaping products, Kratom, and CBD are the best things about Grove Park Smoke Shop, so you should definitely give this place a go if you need at least one of these things. The store’s workers are also great. They’re very accommodating and will do all they can to make you feel more comfortable during your time inside the shop.

1417 Bartow Rd, Lakeland, FL 33801, United States

  • One Up Smoke Shop

One Up Smoke Shop will always keep you covered with everything related to vaping, smoking, and herbal products in Lakeland, Florida. It’s a premier smoke and vape store in the area, and you’ll love that they manage to provide excellent quality products without making the prices extremely high.

They own one of the largest inventories of Kratom strains, leaving you with plenty of different options to choose from, and if you’re not quite sure which strain is the one for you, the knowledgeable employees will help you make the right choice. The customer service is also superb as the employees are very polite and helpful. They will treat you with respect during your whole time at the shop.

2929 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States

  • ICONIC Lakeland Vape & Wellness

ICONIC Lakeland Vape & Wellness is great for a lot of different things, but you’ll especially appreciate their vaping accessories and Kratom. It’s one of the most popular stores around, and you’ll love that they offer lots of discounts on their products. You can also get a good deal on some of their items if you keep an eye out regularly.

They also offer quite a few different Kratom strains, while White Borneo and Yellow Vietnam are some of the best ones inside. The staff working at ICONIC Lakeland Vape & Wellness is very accommodating and will help you out with everything that you might need when you come here.



2403 S. Florida Ave, W Oak Dr, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States

  • Vapor House

Vapor House is another excellent spot to pay a visit when you want some of the finest vaping necessities and Kratom in Lakeland, Florida. Their Kratom is always lab-tested for efficiency and quality, but their prices are a bit higher than you would expect.

However, you will always get some of the purest Kratom in the city whenever shopping here, while they also sell some of the most popular Kratom strains available on the market. People working at Vapor House are very welcoming and friendly. They will always greet you with smiles on their faces, but you’ll also like the store’s interior as it has a chill vibe to it.

5515 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809, United States

  • Quinteassence Kava Bar

You should definitely visit Quinteassence Kava Bar if you’re looking for a place to drink some of the best Kava and Kratom drinks. It’s a place that has a very relaxing atmosphere, and you’ll love spending some time inside, while you should also know that all of their products are very potent.

Apart from excellent Kava and Kratom drinks, they have a large variety of kombucha on tap, hot teas, and Coffee. Another thing that we like about Quinteassence Kava Bar is the customer service working inside. They know pretty much everything about their products and will gladly provide the best recommendation just for you.

839 N Massachusetts Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801, United States

  • Moon Bound Smoke Shop

Moon Bound Smoke Shop is Lakeland’s top one-stop for smoking, vaping, and herbal products. They own one of the widest varieties of items in the city, and even though they don’t really sell that one product that will stand out from the rest, all of their products are of decent quality.

That’s why this place is a good spot to visit when you need a little bit of everything, and you’ll also love the fact that their selection of Kratom strains is pretty extensive. The employees working at Moon Bound Smoke Shop are always very amiable. They’re ready for a brief chat whenever you visit the store.



2415 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33805, United States

  • N7 Nitro Kava Bar

N7 Nitro Kava Bar is another place where you can relax and try some of the best Kratom and Kava drinks in Lakeland, Florida. All of their drinks are very refreshing and you will notice it for yourself as soon as you try them out. They have a variety of teas when it comes to Kratom, but you might also like that they have video games, dart boards, and pool tables, if you just want to chill out for a while.

N7 Nitro Kava Bar workers will keep you covered with all the necessary information about all of their products. We also like the space inside the shop as it’s always very clean and spacious.

3238 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33803, United States

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of the top places to buy Kratom from in Lakeland, Florida. We always strive to put a little bit of everything on our lists, just so we can be sure that you’ll find the right Kratom supplier just for you.