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Yellow Elephant Kratom Uses, Dosage, and Similar Strains

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Kratom is a phenomenal plant from Southeast Asia that is well-loved the world over for its mild, pleasant properties. It is versatile in its uses, with many different strains filling various niches among kratom users. Each variety produces different kinds of leaves, each of which has slightly different effects on people. One popular kratom product is called the Yellow Elephant kratom.

Yellow Elephant is just one type of the Elephant kratom strain. The Elephant kratom grows throughout kratom’s native range in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. There is some evidence that this particular strain originated in Indonesia since it grows best, and it is similar in composition to other Indonesian kratom variations.

“Yellow” in the Yellow Elephant kratom refers to when the leaves were picked and how they were processed. All kratom leaves develop from white to green to red. However, white leaves can be harvested and sun-dried to produce a unique product called yellow vein kratom. Thus, the Yellow Elephant kratom is technically sun-dried White Elephant kratom.

Yellow Elephant tends to balance some of the naturally uplifting and calming properties of kratom to provide users with a mellow sensation. If you enjoy kratom in general, you will likely enjoy this incredible variety too.

Yellow Elephant Kratom Benefits

One of the most apparent benefits of the Yellow Elephant kratom is its potency. Its pronounced and long-lasting effects mean that kratom users can make a small quantity go a long way. The likely underlying reason for Yellow Elephant’s strength is its abundance of component kratom alkaloids.

Alkaloids are chemicals found throughout the plant world that impart effects on humans. Like caffeine in coffee, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the primary alkaloids responsible for kratom’s characteristic properties. The proportion of these two alkaloids in any given kratom strain can tell you whether it will be more refreshing or relaxing.

White vein kratom tends to have more mitragynine than 7-hydroxymitragynine, making it a more vibrant variety of kratom. However, when kratom is dried in the sun, mitragynine converts to 7-hydroxymitragynine. Thus, the Yellow Elephant kratom, and yellow kratom in general, has a more relaxing effect than typical white vein kratom. It is like a half-caffeine cup of coffee.

The color tends to primarily affect the proportion of alkaloid types, while the strain and growing process affect the overall quantity of alkaloids. Thus, each color variation of the Elephant kratom is similarly potent, and they are all fairly potent at that. Kratom users love all kinds of Elephant kratom for how little is needed to yield the desired outcome, another significant advantage of the Yellow Elephant kratom.

Yellow Elephant Kratom Effects

The effects that people attribute to the Yellow Elephant kratom tend to span the spectrum of possible kratom effects since it is such a balanced type of kratom. Typically, the results that you can expect will depend on how much you take, but they can also change drastically from person to person. We all inhabit different bodies that take to everything differently.

Here are some of the effects people attribute to Yellow Elephant:

  • Yellow Elephant might make you feel more relaxed and allow you to focus on studying, work, and creative endeavors.
  • Yellow Elephant might help you have a calmer approach to negative thoughts and improve your general outlook.
  • Yellow Elephant could be useful in starting the day with a boost of energy. Users liken it to a cup of coffee or black tea.

Use the above list as a starting point to understanding the effects of the Yellow Elephant kratom. The way it affects you will not be the same as above because you are unlike anyone else. However, if you have an idea of how kratom works for you, then you should also have an idea of how this strain works. Yellow Elephant is a fairly quintessential kratom variety.

Yellow Elephant Kratom Dose

The proper amount of Yellow Elephant kratom powder to take also depends on you. Like how everyone responds uniquely to different types of kratom powder, we all take differently to discrete quantities of kratom powder. Not to mention, you might be looking for a different experience using kratom than somebody else. All told, there is no good answer to how much Yellow Elephant kratom powder you should take.

When starting with a new kind of kratom, the best thing you can do is start small. Then, once you have seen how your body responds and whether you like it, you can adjust incrementally. You should be enjoying kratom at a leisurely pace. It is a tree from a tropical paradise, after all.

If you do not like the flavor of the Yellow Elephant kratom, there are many ways to prepare it to make it easier to go down. One popular method is to make a tea and cut the harsh bitterness with milk and honey. No matter how you prepare your kratom, the resultant outcome should be the same. Making it taste better is solely a matter of personal preference.

Yellow Elephant Kratom Similar Strains

Yellow Elephant tends to fall closest to other green vein kratom strains in terms of effect. If you want something to compare it to, look for the Green Malay kratom, Green Thai kratom, Green Indo kratom, and Green Bali kratom. Experienced kratom users even recommend having multiple strains on hand for different situations. This will also ensure that you do not get tired of using the same kratom all the time.

If you want something with similar potency but different effects, look for other kinds of Elephant kratom. White Elephant should be more uplifting than the Yellow Elephant kratom. Green Elephant and Yellow Elephant are very similar. Red Elephant is excellent if you want something more calming.

In all, the Yellow Elephant kratom is a fantastic strain. Take advantage of the opportunity if your vendor has it in stock.