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Treasure House Botanicals Vendor Review

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Treasure House Botanicals is an online kratom retailer that posits kratom as a crucial ingredient in making soap. This is a tongue-in-cheek way to avoid any responsibility for any ill-effects of consuming the kratom purchased from the vendor.


General Review

The website for Treasure House Botanicals is fairly straightforward. The products they receive are organized into batches, which are sold until the stock runs out. For the most part, you add kratom to your cart in 100-gram and 250-gram sizes. The company calculates the discounts for ordering in bulk at checkout. The website’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page includes information about the discounts. Almost everything on the website can be had in multiples of 250 grams. Treasure House Botanicals accepts most credit cards and has a rewards program that lets you save on future purchases.


Treasure House Botanicals Vendor Review


Product Review

Treasure House Botanicals is continuously updating its stock with new batches. If you are on the website’s home page, you will see the latest stocked batch and have options to shop. At the time of writing, you can purchase strains from Batches #54 through #56. From the oldest batch, they only have Green Elephant left. From Batch #55, you can choose from several Maeng Da, Elephant, Jongkong, and Ranah strains. In Batch #56, there are all the same kinds of strains as Batch #55 with more color options. Some strains have a slightly higher price than others but only slightly.

To learn about each strain on offer, you can check out the “Strain Guide” section. It also looks like the website sells capsules, but they are unavailable at the time of writing. You can only purchase kratom powder.


Pricing Review

Pricing varies slightly with strains. Premium Jongkong and Green Ranah strains tend to cost roughly $2 more at each price point. They cost $0.90 more if you are only buying 100 grams. Besides these strains, the prices you can expect are as follows:

  • $10.40 for 100 grams
  • $22.95 for 250 grams
  • $43.50 for 500 grams
  • $65.40 for 750 grams
  • $82.62 for 1 kilogram (1,000 grams)

If your package is 1 kilogram or smaller, expect to pay roughly $8.42 in shipping. For 2-kilogram packages, shipping costs $14.23, and for 4-kilogram packages, shipping costs $20.31.


Treasure House Botanicals Coupon Codes

Treasure House Botanicals has many coupon codes and other opportunities to save you money. The company automatically applies the coupon codes kilo10 and 500gram5 at checkout if your order qualifies. Kilo10 will save you 10% if you pay over $91.80—that is where the $82.82 for 1 kilo comes from. 500Gram5 saves 5% from orders over $45.90. That is how the 500-gram and 750-gram prices are calculated above.

Treasure House Botanicals also runs a rewards program where each dollar earns you one point, and every 20 points will save you $1 on a purchase. That means repeat customers save $1 for every $20 spent—in other words, loyal customers start to save 5% overall (not including the first $20 spent).


Brand Reputation

Treasure House Botanicals has a reputation for great packaging and fantastic products, two staples of a good brand. In fact, one of the biggest downsides spoken of this company is that they run out of stock with rapidity. There is even one comment on Reddit about Treasure House Botanicals that states, “ALL THEIR WHITE STRAINS ARE TERRIBLE NOBODY BUY THEM YUCK WORST KRATOM EVER. But buy the other strains, though. Only the other strains. Not the white ones. Thanks.” While this might be a serious dig at the brand’s white kratom, it seems likely that this user is trying to dissuade others from buying the white kratom, so the website does not run out.

Some other excerpts from Reddit and Double M Herbals (a popular kratom forum) follow:

  • “I got the Modern WMD in today. They sent a sample of the White Elephant, too 😀 beautiful packaging.”
  • “I received my Red Jongkong today batch 31, and pretty potent and fresh.”
  • “I got the White Piaman from batch 30, and I would say it’s probably my favorite strain I got from batch 30.”


Treasure House Botanicals Vendor


Customer Service Review

In looking at the website, it appears that Treasure House Botanicals is committed to providing its customers with a streamlined way to purchase kratom. Everything that might be confusing about the site layout is explained thoroughly under the “Frequently Asked Questions” page. If you are wondering what dealing with the company is like, the following testimonials from Double M Herbals should provide what you need to know:

  • “Ben at Treasure House gives excellent customer service. The first time I got in touch with him to ask about his greens, I got a very detailed email back in less than 10 minutes. I placed my order and was invoiced within another 10 minutes, and the order was shipped that same day. He’s very friendly and very approachable.”
  • “I will agree that THB’s customer service is great, and they get their orders out fast.”


Closing Thoughts

Treasure House Botanicals is a small “soap ingredient” vendor based on the internet. They provide kratom users with freshly sourced kratom at low prices. While it is hard to speak to the quality of the kratom, as the company updates its inventory with regularity, we think that trying out Treasure House Botanicals will fill in any gaps left by this review. On the surface, Treasure House Botanicals seems like a fantastic place to buy kratom.