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The Kratom Depot Vendor Review

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Kona Kratom

The Kratom Depot is an in-person kratom store operating in Moss Point, Mississippi. It is difficult to find information about its operation online—the website is unpublished, and the Facebook page is deleted. Still, the store has its hours and phone number listed on Google. You can call to find out anything you would like to know about inventory or pricing.


General Review

To get a thorough image of The Kratom Depot, you likely have to call them or visit them yourself. There exist several other reviews of the company and minimal chatter on forums. The store stocks possibly more than 50 strains. It is also notorious for being expensive. The company exists in a state where it is difficult to buy kratom, and some have accused them of price gouging.


The Kratom Depot Vendor Review


Product Review

The Kratom Depot claims to have over 50 varieties of kratom. The options should cover any kratom user’s needs. If you are looking for something specific, the store can be reached at its phone between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST, except on Saturdays. The following strains are among the extensive list:

  • Green Vein – Green Indo
  • White Vein – White Malaysian, White Maeng Da, White Cambodian, White Bali
  • Red Vein – Red Borneo, Matcha Red, Ultra Enhanced Chocolate Bentuangie
  • Yellow Vein – Yellow Elephant, Yellow Bumblebee, Yellow Thai
  • Other varieties – Vietnam, Ultra Enhanced Chocolate Bentuangie, Rainbow Cambodian, Alligator


Pricing Review

The Kratom Depot masks its high prices by giving customers the cost-per-gram. The Kratom Depot’s standard $0.70 per gram does not sound expensive until you realize an ounce would cost around $20. The kilograms come at the same rate of $0.70 per gram, costing $700. If you buy a half kilogram, you are paying $350. These prices are pretty outlandish. $20 per ounce is the highest you can expect at most retailers, and $700 for a kilogram is more than quintuple the standard price.


The Kratom Depot Coupon Codes

There are no kratom coupon codes for The Kratom Depot. The closest thing to The Kratom Depot coupons is the company’s rewards program. You can earn free products if you are a repeat customer. Whether this justifies the company’s high prices is up to you. If you only consume a few grams of kratom each week and live in Mississippi, then The Kratom Depot might suit your needs. You will still pay less on almost every online kratom vendor.


Brand Reputation

The Kratom Depot has a 4.4-star rating on Google Reviews. They also no longer have a Facebook page. The reviews on Google are overwhelmingly positive, with the negative feedback fixating on the outrageous prices. It appears that for customers who do not mind the price, the store is the perfect fit. Here are some testimonials from Google Reviews:

  • “It’s pricey, but the selection is good.”
  • “Coming from a long-time user of kratom, all the strains I have tried so far from them are awesome. Not sure how much it is in other locations around, but I wish they were a bit more cost-effective …”
  • “Prices for HALF a kilo is the most expensive I have ever seen in ANY state in the country!”
  • “Luckily, I found another kratom store with better quality and lower prices.”

The brand’s reputation with locals is good customer service, great selections, and bad prices.


The Kratom Depot Vendor


Customer Service Review

The customer service of the store appears to be great based on its Google Reviews. The following excerpts from customers speak to the level of customer service:

  • “Clark was very educated on different effects and uses of kratom.”
  • “Knowledgeable staff and fresh kratom.”
  • “Very friendly, very knowledgeable, very helpful … if your [sic] new like me, it’s a great place to start.”

It seems like there are no reviews that mention bad customer service. If you like to be treated well by your kratom vendor, check out The Kratom Depot.


Closing Thoughts

The Kratom Depot is a brick-and-mortar kratom vendor that specializes in its local customers. There is hardly any online presence, especially since the Facebook page has been deleted. Unfortunately, The Kratom Depot does not ship, and even if it did, the prices make it hard to justify ordering from this vendor. Still, it might be worth the visit if you are in the area and want to talk kratom with knowledgeable staff.