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The 10 Best Kratom Shops to Buy from in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom

1. Purple Smoke Vape Shop

Serving both locals and tourists alike, Purple Smoke Vape Shop is a no-nonsense vape and kratom store. Vape lovers are drawn here due to the store’s impressive selection of starter kits and mod kits, but there’s a good range of kratom products on offer as well.

One of the things people love about this kratom shop is its service. The staff here are both friendly and knowledgeable, ready to share their advice and assistance for first-time shoppers or discuss the best kratom options with more experienced visitors.

Address: 1818 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

2. Pitbull Tobacco & More

Pitbull Tobacco & More is a locally owned and operated smoke shop in Virginia Beach. It’s a small chain with a few locations dotted around the area, really popular with the locals, and the company is in the process of setting up an online shop too, to make it even easier to buy their products.

Speaking of products, you’ll find an impressive selection here, especially in the kratom department. From Thai Kratom to Vietnam Kratom, Indo, Malaysian, Bali, and more, there’s a really good range of options. The store also sells e-cigs, CBD, and other related goodies.

Address: 154 S. Rosemont Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

3. Space Station Inc.

There aren’t many places quite like Space Station Inc., otherwise known as Space Station Head Shop. It’s a family-run business with a really fresh, vibrant sense of style. They even have their own merchandise with cool designs for their most loyal customers. But what about the kratom? Well, this Monday to Saturday store offers a regularly-updated selection of kratom products.

There are several types of kratom here, including the usual suspects like Bali and Indo, as well as some rarer strains from time to time that you may not be as familiar with, so it’s a good spot to check out if you want to try something new. It also has an extensive range of other smoking accessories and products, including some funky pipes, bongs, CBD goodies, and so on.

Address: 4604 Pembroke Lake Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

4. Smoke Shop

As the name implies, Smoke Shop is the place to be for all your smoking accessories and smoke-related products. The shop is primarily dedicated to tobacco, boasting an impressive array of glass pipes in all kinds of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. But you’ll also find some other items for sale here, including kratom.

Depending on the time of year and what sort of stock the store has, you can find both powders and capsules here, and the kratom line-up usually includes all of the classic favorites, as well as some more exotic varieties. In short, if you’re looking for Kratom in Virginia Beach, Smoke Shop can meet your needs.

Address: 315 N Great Neck Rd Ste 356, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

5. Lazy Days Smoke Shop & Gifts

As soon as you step through the door of the Lazy Days Smoke Shop & Gifts, you’ll be welcomed with a friendly smile by the staff and made to feel right at home. That’s just the sort of place this is. The staff treat every customer like family, ready to answer your questions, offer recommendations, or simply let you browse around and find the products that are right for you.

Another aspect that stands out about this kratom vendor is the sheer range of products they have to offer. Kratom fans in Virginia Beach often say that this store has the biggest range around, and they’re not wrong. Whether you’re into reds, greens, or whites, you’ll find powders and capsules aplenty in this store.

Address: 3972 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

6. Hurricane Vapes

At first glance, you might not think that Hurricane Vapes has any kratom on offer. This store clearly puts the priority on vaping, offering a massive range of mods, vape pens, disposables, atomizers, and vape juices. However, there is a small but well-stocked kratom section here too.

Kratom lovers can find both powders and capsules in this store, including red, white, and green blends from all over Southeast Asia. Whether you’re looking for some Bali powder or Maeng Da capsules, Hurricane Vapes has got you covered.

Address: 2010 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

7. Ultimate Herbs Kratom 

One of the few businesses in the Virginia Beach area to be dedicated entirely to kratom, Ultimate Herbs Kratom is a genuine haven for kratom fans. You’ll find a broad and exotic selection of kratom for sale here in both small quantities and wholesale amounts too.

You can choose from all the classic powders like Bali, Maeng Da, and Malay, as well as capsule variants in varying quantities to suit your needs. The prices are pretty reasonable here too and the staff really know their stuff.

Address: 5325 Cleveland St #305, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

8. Papa Joe’s Smoke Shop

Papa Joe’s is located in Norfolk, a short drive from Downtown Virginia Beach, and it’s totally worth the detour. The store is a spacious and well-stocked paradise for those who are interested in smoking, vaping, aromatherapy, and kratom too.

The kratom range won’t exactly wow you here, but the shop does its best to cater to a broad range of people, offering everything from hookahs and vape pens to Bali capsules and powders. Their Choice Brand Kratom is particularly popular with locals and definitely worth a try for anyone in the area.

Address: 6602 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23502

9. Queen’s Green Apothecary

Queen’s Green Apothecary is a woman-owned and veteran-owned business operating in the Virginia Beach area. The store is a delight to look around, with design inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. So you can shop to your heart’s content here and have fun doing it while admiring the quirky surroundings.

As for kratom, Queen’s Green Apothecary offers a nice range of powders and capsules. All the usual suspects like Bali and Malay are here, but you can also find some more obscure offerings from time to time too. Plus, they have tobacco, e-juice, flower, oils, vapes, edibles, and more.

Address: 3259 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA, 23452

10. Area 51 Tobacco & Novelties

Looking for some kratom that is positively out of this world? If so, you’ll find it down at Area 51 Tobacco & Novelties, a charming neighborhood spot selling a great range of tobacco related goods and kratom powders and capsules too.

Brands like Club 13 and Prof Whyte’s are on display here, with red, white, and grain strains available for purchase all through the year from 10am to 10pm most days. The staff are great here too, always eager to discuss kratom strains with customers and share their views and recommendations.

Address: 2374 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518