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Tea Time Botanicals Vendor Review

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Tea Time Botanicals is an online kratom vendor that appears to be as sophisticated as its branding might suggest. The company has an attractive website through which customers can buy kratom, CBD, and Mitragyna hirsuta. The company also has wholesale pricing for stores looking to carry it in their product lineups.


General Review

Tea Time Botanicals is a fairly transparent company. It claims to adhere to the American Kratom Association’s current Good Manufacturing Practices. This means that its suppliers pasteurize the kratom, Tea Time Botanicals UV sanitizes the kratom, and a third-party laboratory tests the kratom. The website is a bit disorganized, but through it, you will find many strains sold in many different quantities. The company seems to emphasize what container your shipment comes in, and it does seem nice that you can order your kratom with a storage jar or scoop.


Tea Time Botanicals Vendor Review


Product Review

At Tea Time Botanicals, there is no shortage of strains and blends to choose from. There are white, green, red, yellow, gold, and browns strains, which each have around 10 options. You can find the following varieties at Tea Time Botanicals’ website:

  • White – Aceh, Bali, Banjar, Bota, Dragon, Gold, Hulu, Horn, Indo, Kalimantan, Maeng Da, Riau, Sulawesi, Super, Sumatra, Thai, Vietnam
  • Green – Aceh, Asia, Banjar, Baik, Batak, Borneo, Bota, Dragon, Hulu, Jade, Kapuas, Ketapang, Malay, Maeng Da, Riau, Sumatra, Sunda, Super, Super Indo, Vietnam
  • Red – Aceh, Asia, Bali, Banjar, Bentuangie, Bota, Dragon, Hulu, Indo, Jongkong Kali, Kapuas, Ketapang, Maeng Da, Maha, Malay, Pele, Sumatra, Super, Thai, Vietnam
  • Yellow – Aceh, Banjar, Bota, Elephant, Jongkong, Maeng Da, Riau, Sumatra, Sunda, Vietnam,
  • Gold – Bali
  • Brown – Aceh, Chocolate, Super Indo


Pricing Review

The prices at Tea Time Botanicals are not straightforward. Unlike most kratom vendors, which sort their products by strain, Tea Time Botanicals arranges its products by size. After you select a size and then the strain, you can find the price. The following price ranges can tell you what to expect for any given quantity of kratom:

  • 1 ounce costs $7.50
  • 250 grams cost $33
  • 500 grams cost $53
  • 1 Kilogram costs $93

You can also receive discounts on what is called “split” quantities. You might find products with names like “250 grams x 4” or “125 x 4.” These mean you can pick up to four strains and receive a small quantity of each, adding up to a standard quantity like 500 grams or 1 kilogram. These options are more expensive than their single strain counterparts but are cheaper than buying 250 grams four times. Tea Time Botanicals also includes a free sample pack in orders totaling more than $75.


Tea Time Botanicals Coupon Codes

Every month, Tea Time Botanicals releases a Tea Time Botanicals coupon code via Twitter. Follow the brand for up-to-date coupon codes. At the time of writing, EARLYBIRDSALE will get you 15% off your order.


Brand Reputation

Tea Time Botanicals is a popular brand, generating buzz in many kratom forums. People enthusiastically recommend this brand because of its products, customer service, and pricing. On Double M Herbals, a popular kratom forum, you will find testimony like the following:

  • “Overall, I’ve tried 8 different strains at Teatime Botanicals, and all of them have been high quality. Not a single dude [sic] in the bunch, and for me, that is very rare.”
  • “Tea Time Botanicals is a really nice group of ppl … their owner is a very sweet lady … every product I’ve tried from them has been great!”
  • “I’ve been using Tea Time Botanicals for over a year now, and it’s the best, most consistent, and best bang for your buck I’ve found.”

Tea Time Botanicals Vendor

Customer Service Reputation

As mentioned above, one of the things people rave about Tea Time Botanicals is its customer service. If you want to know more specifics about this, read the following reviews also pulled from Double M Herbals:

  • “One other thing, the customer service at TTB is very good. The owner is very responsive to questions and has proven to be very helpful and knowledgeable.”
  • “The owner, Jen, has been super helpful to me via email. Her email address is listed in this thread. I recommend contacting her If you need a recommendation to place an order quickly.”
  • “The staff is probably the most polite and helpful I’ve ever encountered.”


Closing Thoughts

Tea Time Botanicals is a fantastic place to source quality kratom. The website might be a little confusing to navigate at first, but you will find that buying cheap, quality kratom is extremely easy once you understand it. Of course, whether it will work for a certain user varies from person to person. The best way to know if this vendor works for you is to try them out.