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ReLeaf Kratom Vendor Review

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ReLeaf Kratom is a brand that has reliably served up kratom in recent years, though whether it will continue to exist is up in the air. As of right now, the unique ReLeaf Kratom’s vending machines are closed, and its website has no listed products. Still, someone is paying to keep the website up-to-date, and the copyright on their homepage is recent. Perhaps the vendor is in the process of reorganizing.



General Review

ReLeaf Kratom is a Columbus, OH-based kratom vendor that serves kratom through its e-store and vending machines. While kratom vending machines exist throughout the United States, ReLeaf Kratom approached the idea cautiously and only allowed people to access their machine with a unique code. This approach exemplified the way ReLeaf Kratom put customers ahead of profit. Unfortunately, the vending machines are closed, and there are no products on ReLeaf Kratom’s website. It looks as though ReLeaf Kratom is no more.


ReLeaf Kratom Vendor


Product Review

Looking at ReLeaf’s website, you can still see the names of the products that it sold in the past. It had five kratom strains: Elephant, Bali Indo, Green Bali, White Maeng Da, and Green Malay. All of the strains are powdered and destemmed, meaning that it was high-alkaloid content Mitragyna speciosa. The limited inventory makes a more streamlined business model. The website also sold 10x powdered kratom extract. It stands to reason that the website’s products were the same as the vending machines’ offerings.


Pricing Review

As there are no products on the website, it is not easy to determine exactly their prices. From old reviews of its vending machines, you find that ReLeaf sold powder kratom at $10 per ounce and 15 mL tincture bottles at $12.

The ReLeaf Kratom website also claimed shipping was free for orders totaling more than $50 and cost $6 otherwise. Hopefully, it brings back its web store and lets folks catch these fantastic deals.


ReLeaf Kratom Coupon Codes

There are currently no coupon codes available for ReLeaf Kratom. That should not upset you as there is nothing that they could be used for. Historically, ReLeaf provided coupons via its newsletter, which is standard across the industry and in e-commerce in general. If ReLeaf Kratom ever reopens and you want to try it out, sign up for the newsletter to optimize your money spent.


Brand Reputation

ReLeaf Kratom has a decent reputation as a company. If you check out the Google Reviews, you will find an average of 3.4-star ratings and some entertaining back-and-forth between Greg, the owner, and dissatisfied customers. Still, plenty of customers recommend the place for high-quality kratom, great prices, and personalized service from the owner. Here are some reviews to give you an idea of what shopping here was like:

  • “The location is pretty easy to get to and the kratom is excellent, the vending machine worked perfectly for me…”
  • “Great product, very fresh from what I purchased so far, very convenient 24/7 just have to call and get the code for the door, then you’re in there.”
  • “I’ve tried repeatedly to text the owner and get the door code – with no luck…”

There are also customer reviews complaining of the condition of Greg’s house, making it appear as though the business was run from home. Others claim that visiting his home business was warm and welcoming. Whether or not you liked dealing with ReLeaf Kratom came down to whether you meshed with Greg, its owner.


ReLeaf Kratom Vendor Review


Customer Service Reputation

As mentioned earlier, the customer service reputation is decent. From reading the reviews, it appears that the owner went out of his way to provide returns and exchanges. There was even one review where it appeared that he sent someone free samples after their credit card was denied, which goes above any expectation of a kratom vendor. Of course, there are also plenty of reviews claiming that ReLeaf Kratom was not open during its alleged hours, and some reviews claim that the return policy was never fulfilled. It appears that the owner is very responsive, though.


In Conclusion

ReLeaf Kratom is a unique kratom vendor out of Columbus, OH. If it still exists, it is dormant at the moment. Perhaps the company is changing form as we speak, or perhaps it is gone for good, and the owner simply will not part with his website. Whatever is the case, you cannot purchase from ReLeaf Kratom at the moment. If you are interested in trying kratom, there are plenty of options online and, depending on your locale, brick-and-mortar vendors. As always, you are best off purchasing kratom from a trusted source in order to ensure that it is unadulterated and free of contaminants.