Precious Mitre Vendor Review

April 6, 2021Vendor Reviews

Precious Mitre is a now defunct kratom vendor that was based in California. The brand was well-liked by kratom enthusiasts, and there is little information about why it went belly-up. The great thing about kratom, though, is that for every great vendor that goes out of business, there are five more that are thriving. This review is a window into a company that no longer exists but can serve as a model for vendors today.


Company Background

Precious Mitre VendorPrecious Mitre opened its doors in 2015 with the slogan “leading you to better health.” People throughout the internet mention Jeff, the head of operations, in an overwhelmingly positive light. The company was known for having a variety of strains at stellar prices. Jeff was also known to go out of his way to provide excellent customer service.

Some kratom strains that it was known for are White Vietnam, Red Bali, and Green Malay. In a gimmicky but not off-putting way, every strain was affixed with the prefix Precious Mitre. There were also many blends with names like Precious Mitre Trifecta, Mitre Magic, and PM Red Fuschia. The company also offered sample packs and the option to buy white stem and vein kratom.

If you were looking for somewhere with great prices, Precious Mitre had you covered. Ounces were $4, 250 grams cost $24, and its kilograms only cost $85. All of this is on the lower end of kratom pricing. Shipping was also super cheap at $3.50. Precious Mitre coupon codes were released frequently, saving you even more money.The brand’s great reputation extended to the point that people knew Precious Mitre’s owner by name. Reddit and Double M Herbals, two websites that host kratom forums, are full of praise for Jeff. Here are some Reddit comments that will help you appreciate what a great service this company offered:

  • “I sent him an email asking if it was possible to have that shipped in time for me to have it this weekend … he said no problem … He made a special trip to the PO to ship it … Thank you, Jeff.”
  • “Jeff is a good a** dude.”
  • “Jeff and his company Precious Mitre will always be one of my top vendors! The kratom is top-notch stuff …”
  • “Woooo Hoooooo, I love me some PM!”


What Happened to Precious Mitre?

Precious Mitre does not exist any longer. There is no mention of why on the internet. People noticed that the website stopped restocking some time in 2018, and it does not appear that the website was ever stocked again. Sometimes a company’s failure comes down to poor timing. People really loved this company, going out of their way to rave about its customer service and high-quality kratom.


Precious Mitre Vendor Review


Why Did They Shut Down?

There is little information on why Precious Mitre stopped existing. Perhaps they got pushed out over time as more kratom vendors opened. It seems like nothing out of the ordinary happened, unlike some vendors that fail due to controversy. Precious Mitre never had any contamination scares, people gave them glowing reviews, and the store was never shut down by outside authorities.


Alternatives to Precious Mitre

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn back the clock and try out what made Precious Mitre popular. It was highly recommended by everybody who tried it. Fortunately, there are so many fantastic kratom vendors to choose from in today’s kratom market. If you are looking for somewhere to buy kratom, buying from a trustworthy online vendor like Kona Kratom is a great way to ensure reasonable prices and superb kratom powder.

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