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Platinum Botanicals Vendor Review

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Platinum Botanicals is an Arizona-based botanical product vendor that inconspicuously sells kratom. Platinum Botanicals does not mention kratom on its website or Facebook page, but you can get in touch with them to order it. Despite its word-of-mouth style, Platinum Botanicals does accept major credit and debit cards, and it has a decent reputation as a brand.


General Review

For its Arizona customers, Platinum Botanicals is a brick-and-mortar store located in Tempe. For online customers, the store does much of its business via Facebook. The store keeps many kratom products stocked, though you should get in touch with them for the most thorough list. Besides kratom, you can find blue lotus flower, maca, cacao, and kava, among its other products. The company does not appear to accept returns, though to be fair, its website does not seem well maintained. There is a chance that Platinum Botanicals offers returns and has not posted about it on its website. Likewise, by not mentioning kratom, it has also left off any mention of lab testing or other quality controls.


Platinum Botanicals Vendor


Product Review

This review is primarily focused on kratom. If you are curious about Platinum Botanicals’ other products, check out its website or contact the company directly. It can be reached via phone, Facebook, or an in-store visit. For kratom, you should be able to purchase powder, capsules, and extracts. The following strains are among the standard stock, though you will only know what the store has in stock at any given time by contacting the company:

  • Brown Chocolate, Green Dragon, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Vietnam, Gold Bali Red Bali, Red Dragon, Red Horn, Red Indo, Red Malay, Red Premier, Super Green Maeng Da, Super Red Maeng Da, and Super White Maeng Da


Pricing Review

For kratom powder, the prices tend to be standard across strains. Of course, this pricing list might not be up to date, so be prepared to learn your final total directly from the store. Still, use the following prices as a guide to what to expect from Platinum Botanicals:

  • $5 for 1 ounce
  • $25 for 6 ounces
  • $50 for 500 grams
  • $80 for 1000 grams
  • $70 for 1000 capsules (roughly 0.7 grams each)
  • $120 for 2000 capsules (roughly 0.7 grams each)

Shipping for this vendor is free. If your order totals less than $35, you get USPS First Class shipping. If your order is more than $35, Platinum Botanicals will use USPS Priority or FedEx 2 Day shipping.


Platinum Botanicals Coupon Codes

It is difficult to find a Platinum Botanicals coupon code anywhere on the web. That is not to say they do not exist. Platinum Botanicals tends to provide discounts through regular sales and promotions. Follow them on Facebook to discover the latest kratom deals and to be alerted when the company does publish its coupon codes.


Brand Reputation

Platinum Botanicals does not have much in the way of a public image. The one Google Review for the company is three-stars. The review is pretty mixed:

  • “I used to order a lot of stuff from him. But he stays out of the supply so much now to where I don’t even bother ordering … Good person to buy from, great person to talk to and to be a friend.”

Perhaps the best way to understand how people view Platinum Botanicals is to see what people are saying on its Facebook page. Here are some excerpts from the Facebook page for Platinum Botanicals:

  • “Have been a faithful customer for a couple of years and have never been let down a single time.”
  • “Great, fast service, quality product, and great response to messages from the owner.”
  • “Platinum botanicals has consistently proven to be the best in the business as far as product quality, prompt, helpful communication with customers, super fast shipping and unbeatable prices.”

There is no shortage of satisfied customers taking to Facebook to express their opinion on Platinum Botanicals. Apparently, the company delivers on quality, price, and customer service.


Platinum Botanicals Vendor Review


Customer Service Review

As seen above, even customers who do not buy from Platinum Botanicals anymore still claim it is a welcoming company. The fact that they offer free shipping and reasonable prices is fantastic. People frequently mention staff by names in their reviews, which is usually a good sign. It means the customer service is personalized.


Closing Thoughts

Not many companies can develop a good reputation as Platinum Botanicals without even having a true website for their main service. If you are looking for a new place to buy kratom, consider giving Platinum Botanicals a call. It might not have the exact product you are looking for, but apparently, talking with the associates at Platinum Botanicals is always a pleasant experience.