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Mystic Island Kratom Vendor Review

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Mystic Island Kratoms is an online kratom retailer that is presumably located in Florida (based entirely on the store’s 561 area code). The retailer has been around for several years, with mentions of the brand on Reddit dating back to at least 2018.

This kratom vendor seems pretty run-of-the-mill but has excellent prices. You will find various kratom blends with prices as low as $3 for 25 grams (roughly one ounce). The website also mentions returns in the context of undeliverable packages, meaning they probably process returns. However, there is a scarcity of information about the Mystic Island Kratoms operation on its website. To find out more about the company, you should reach out via their Monday to Saturday phone line or email.


Mystic Island Kratom Vendor


Mystic Island Kratoms General Review

As mentioned, Mystic Island Kratoms is pretty standard as far as kratom vendors go. They do not have any loyalty program, nor do they boast a money-back guarantee. They do, however, have an incredible selection of kratom blends and some of the lowest prices on the internet.

Since the website does not mention independent lab-testing, it is hard to know for sure. Verifying products in third-party laboratories has become pretty standard and should be important to you. It might be worth checking with Mystic Island Kratoms yourself to understand more about how they source their products.


Mystic Island Kratoms Product Review

Mystic Island Kratoms’ most prominent selling point is its array of products, which should be almost any retailer’s big commitment. Check out their website for an up-to-date inventory, as it may have changed since the time of writing. At present, the following is what Mystic Island Kratoms has in its store:

The vast array of strains is impressive, though the website could be better organized. Still, they only have kratom powder and no extracts or other products. This shows that they likely invest in quality kratom.


Mystic Island Kratoms Pricing Review

Mystic Island Kratoms has standard pricing for all of its products. This is very convenient because it means you can try out different kratom strains without worrying about the price difference. The prices are also some of the lowest you will find on the internet. Their prices on small amounts and bulk amounts are some of the most competitive. The following is what you can expect, found on Mystic Island Kratoms’ website at the time of writing:

  • 25 grams cost $3
  • 250 grams cost $25
  • 500 grams cost $37
  • 1 kilogram cost $69

You can also buy kratom in 75-gram or 125-gram packages, but the price is the same rate of $3 for 25 grams. These prices are incredible. Even a kilogram is quite the deal. The website claims that it has a two-kilogram limit, which should be more than enough for any kratom user.


Mystic Island Kratoms Coupon Codes

Mystic Island Kratoms coupon codes are few and far between. The best way to stay up to date on the discounts offered by the website is to use your search engine or shoot them an email. They used to run specials in the past, so the chances are good that they are willing to offer discounts in the future. Perhaps there are many Mystic Island Kratoms coupon codes if you know where to look.


Mystic Island Kratom Vendor Review


Mystic Island Kratoms Brand Reputation

Mystic Island Kratoms seems to have an excellent brand reputation, judging by how people discuss them on Reddit. People love their pricing, customer service, and offerings in terms of kratom strains. Here are some things people have been saying on Reddit:

  • “Without a doubt, best vendor [sic] I’ve ever had.
  • “That Vampire is amazing! I highly suggest the Sapphire for a morning burn; it is fabulous also.


Mystic Island Kratoms Customer Service Review

It appears that Mystic Island Kratom performs excellently on the customer service front. Back when it was allowed, the brand communicated with members of the kratom community directly on Reddit. People also claimed to receive excellent phone communication and free samples. All around, Mystic Island Kratoms gives off a great impression.


Parting Words on Mystic Island Kratoms

If you want a standard kratom vendor that delivers on options and price, go for Mystic Island Kratoms. They seem to cover all the bases you need when it comes to a quality kratom vendor.