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The 10 Best Kratom Shops to Buy from in Flint, Michigan

Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom

If you’re looking for a way to buy Kratom locally easier, then you should definitely check this article out. We’re showcasing some of the best places to buy Kratom from in Flint, Michigan, and there are quite a few good ones to guarantee that you’ll find the right store just for you.

Without further ado, let’s start.

  • The Head Shop Plus Tobacco

The Head Shop Plus Tobacco is among the top stores where you can get all sorts of stuff in Flint, Michigan. They always carry top-of-the-line CBD, smoking accessories, vaporizers, Kratom, and more at competitive prices. The Kratom they offer is actually very potent and it’s usually the main reason people visit.

It’s one hundred percent pure and you can get it at affordable prices, but you’ll also love that it’s available in powder, tablet, extract, or capsule form. The Head Shop Plus Tobacco workers know everything about their products and will gladly share all of their knowledge with you.


3285 Van Slyke Rd, Flint, MI 48507, United States

  • Wild Bill’s Tobacco

There are a few excellent reasons why Wild Bill’s Tobacco is among the most popular stores to buy Kratom from in the city. Lots of customers love their deals on Kratom that you can catch every Wednesday, but you can also always expect the quality of the Asian herb they provide. They source it straight from Indonesian farms, but you’ll love the Kratom strain selection they offer as well.

They will give you plenty of different options, and if you don’t know which one to pick, you can ask their well-educated employees and they won’t hesitate to help. The store’s interior is also nice as it has a chill vibe to it.

4215 Miller Rd C-16, Flint, MI 48507, United States

2452 W Hill Rd, Flint, MI 48507, United States

  • Wonder Land Smoke Shop

Lots of customers consider Wonder Land Smoke Shop as the number one spot for Kratom in Flint, Michigan. They have some deals on your favorite Asian herb that are very hard to beat, and they never compromise the products’ quality because of it, which is what all Kratom lovers like to hear.

You’ll also love the fact that they always manage to provide some of the most effective Kratom brands out there, while Green Malay and White Maeng Da are some of the best strains that you can get inside. The customer service working at Wonder Land Smoke Shop is always very accommodating and friendly.

3366 Saginaw St, Burton, MI 48529, United States

  • Montana Smokes

Montana Smokes is always an excellent place to visit for all your vaping, smoking, and herbal needs in the area. They own a lot of different products, including CBD, Kratom, vaporizers, locally-blown glass pipes, water pipes, and more related items.

It’s just an excellent place for Kratom as it’s always very potent, but you’ll also appreciate that they hold one of the widest selections of Kratom strains around, giving you lots of options to choose from. Montana Smokes workers are very helpful and will go out of their way so you could have a more enjoyable time at the shop.



3208 S Dort Hwy, Flint, MI 48507, United States

  • Vape Super Center Kratom & CBD

Vape Super Center Kratom & CBD is perfect for all sorts of stuff. The main thing people come here to buy is their vaping accessories and necessities, but you’ll love the Kratom they have to offer as well. The Asian herb they sell is always very potent and you will notice it for yourself as soon as you try it, but you’ll also love the fact that you can get it in all different forms out there.

Customers will usually go for Red Bali and Yellow Vietnam Kratom strains at Vape Super Center Kratom & CBD, but other strains are great as well. We also like the staff working at this place as all employees are very friendly and helpful.


6449 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085, United States

  • Smoker’s Palace

You can’t really go wrong by choosing Smoker’s Palace as your new favorite spot for Kratom in Flint, Michigan. It’s one of the main products that you can get inside this smoke store, but you can also get high-quality smoking products, CBD, and vaping necessities here. They also manage to provide some of the lowest prices in the area, giving you more than enough good reasons to give this place a go.

Another thing that you’ll love about Smoker’s Palace is the customer service working inside. All employees are very helpful and amiable, greeting you with a smile on their faces each time you enter the shop.


2213 E Hill Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, United States

  • Ghost Hookah

Ghost Hookah will always keep you covered with some of the finest smoking, vaping, and herbal accessories and necessities in the city. They sell some of the freshest products available n the market, including Kratom, CBD, beautiful Michigan glass pieces, vaporizers, e-juices, grinders, torches, rolling papers, water pipes, and more at affordable prices.

We love the Kratom strain selection available at Ghost Hookah as well as they always manage to provide some of the most popular strains out there. The store’s employees are also very well-educated about their items and won’t hesitate to provide the best recommendation just for you.


3713 Clio Rd B, Flint, MI 48504, United States

  • Paul’s Pipe Shop

People living in the area will most usually visit Paul’s Pipe Shop for some of the most beautiful local handmade glass pieces. That’s definitely the main reason customers keep returning here, but you can’t go wrong by getting some high-quality Kratom here either. The Asian herb they hold is always very potent and it won’t take you too long to notice it for yourself, but you’ll also enjoy that they own one of the widest varieties of Kratom strains in the city.

The employees working here are also always ready to help and will answer all of your questions without hesitation. We like the store’s interior as well as it provides a relaxing atmosphere for everyone.


647 Saginaw St, Flint, MI 48502, United States

  • A Clean Cloud

We consider A Clean Cloud as one of the more underrated shops where you can get Kratom in Flint, Michigan. It’s one of the smaller smoke stores when it comes to size compared to some other shops in the area, but their selection of various products will amaze you. They hold lots of different items and you’ll love the Kratom they have as well.

It’s always of pure quality and they ship it straight from Southeast Asia, which is great to know. People working at A Clean Cloud are very friendly and welcoming. You will notice that they’ll do everything in their power to make your time at the shop much more enjoyable.


4084-B Corunna Rd, Flint, MI 48532, United States

  • The Smoke Shop of Mt. Morris

You will love getting some excellent Kratom at The Smoke Shop of Mt. Morris. It’s a very reliable provider as the Asian herb they sell is always very affordable, while they never compromise the products’ quality because of it. It’s a family-owned smoke store that has been around for over six years, you’ll also notice that their collection of smoking, vaping, and herbal products is very extensive.

We also appreciate the staff working at The Smoke Shop of Mt. Morris. All employees will keep you covered with all the necessary information that you need to know about their products.



8005 Dort Hwy, Mt Morris, MI 48458, United States


That’s about it when it comes to the top ten Kratom shops to buy from in Flint, Michigan. You should definitely check out several different places before making your final choice, just to see how each store operates in the area.