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Breezy Trees Botanicals Vendor Review

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Breezy Trees Botanicals is an online and brick-and-mortar kratom vendor based out of Florida. The company has a large following and does customer outreach via Facebook. If you are looking for a reliable place to source kratom in Florida or online, Breezy Trees Botanicals appear reputable.


General Review

In looking at the website, you will find a few things that stand out about Breezy Trees Botanicals. For starters, the kratom it sells is 100% organic. The company also provides other plant-based products, like CBD, moringa, and holy basil. The company is also easily reached via telephone or online chat. You can also return your product for a replacement of equal or lesser value within 30 days.


Breezy Trees Botanicals Vendor


Product Review

On Breezy Trees Botanicals’ website, you will find various kratom strains and blends for sale. The company also sells extracts and tinctures, along with concentrated kratom tablets. You can expect to find the following single-origin kratom strains at Breezy Trees Botanicals:

  • Green Malay, Green Bali, Green Indo, Green Hulu, Green Maeng Da, Red Bentuangie, Red Bali, Red Indo, Red Hulu, Red Malay, Red Maeng Da, White Horn, White Hulu, White Malay, White Maeng Da, Yellow Sundae, Yellow Horn, and Yellow Hulu

The company also offers many different blends. Check out the website to learn about these, as the names alone will not give you any important information. As far as kratom concentrates go, you can buy tincture, extracts, or extract tablets. Other plant products include CBD edibles, moringa powder, maca root powder, turmeric root powder, and many more plant-based powders.


Pricing Review

Breezy Trees Botanicals offers standard pricing for its strains and blends. For strains, 1-ounce costs $6, 4 ounces cost $24, 16 ounces cost $50, and 1-kilogram costs $80. For blends, 1-ounce costs $7, 4-ounces cost $28, 16 ounces also cost $50, and 1-kilogram costs $85. The website runs frequent sales as well. At the time of writing, you can purchase a kilogram of any strain or blend for $65. There is also an International Women’s Day sale where 4 ounces cost $10, and 16-ounces cost $35. Overall, these prices are on the lower side, even when there is not an ongoing sale.


Breezy Trees Botanicals Coupon Codes 

You might be able to find a Breezy Trees Botanicals coupon code on its Facebook page. Besides this, keeping up with the website is the best way to find the current deals. From browsing older reviews, it appears that kilograms frequently drop to $65 when there is a holiday or other reason for a site-wide sale.


Brand Reputation

With 72 reviews on Google, Breezy Trees Botanicals has an impressive 4.7-star rating. This shows that the company is popular among its local and national bases. The reviews mention almost everything in a positive light—the shipping, the quality of the products, and the pricing are all considered top-notch when buying from this company. Some of the following Google Review excerpts will help you understand what people think of Breezy Trees Botanicals:

  • “.. .I should mention their products are miles ahead of their competition in freshness and quality!”
  • “Breezy has more product options available than other vendors I’ve used, and their prices are amazing. I especially love that they offer sales from time to time to be supportive and helpful to their customers. The ‘Breezy community’ is a great one!”
  • “I’ve been using Breezy Trees since they first opened for business back in 2016, and I’ve never been disappointed! The products they have are some of the best I’ve taken … Shipping is fast, customer service is excellent, and the prices are amazing. You won’t be disappointed with Breezy!”

People are not all positive about the brand. Many people claim that the low prices are directly correlated to low quality. Some reviewers have even accused them of using sales to get rid of contaminated products. Read the following reviews from Google to get an idea of what a negative experience with Breezy Trees Botanicals:

  • “I see why they are able to do so many flash sales at such low costs; they’re clearly trying to rid themselves of the bunk kratom they get from their supplier.”
  • “… I will never spend money here again. Also, I have never had an order from any supplier take so long to ship. They care about selling volume and not caring for the customer.”

Breezy Trees Botanicals Vendor Review


Customer Service Review

As with the brand reputation, the customer service reviews of Breezy Trees Botanicals are mixed. As seen above, some people rave about the brand’s dedication to its customers. Others claim that the store is rude. On its surface, the ability to reach them via email or phone is a boon. The fact that you do not receive a cash refund on disappointing orders is a mark against the company. Based on reviews, it seems that the company is inconsistent with quick responses. If they are nice to you, you may become a customer for life—otherwise, you could leave this vendor with a bad taste in your mouth.


Closing Thoughts

Breezy Trees Botanicals has been making waves from Florida since 2016. If you are curious about trying them out, they offer fantastic pricing on low quantities. The best way to get acclimated with kratom vendors is one toe at a time—there is no reason to dive right in, and nothing you read online will tell you as much as trying a vendor out yourself. If you are serious about buying kratom from this vendor, hopefully, this article told you all you need to know.