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Kona Kratom
Kona Kratom is a completely online kratom vendor based in California’s San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles, and formed in 2013. prides itself on being customer-centric. On their website, you will find over 40 different strains of kratom and over 3,000 customer reviews. You can reach them through their toll-free customer service line to learn more about their company. They appear to have a great reputation in the kratom market.


General Review is as legitimate as its name states. The company provides lab-tested kratom products, which means you know that their kratom is unadulterated. As far as buying kratom online goes, you want to get it from a trustworthy source, and one of the best signs is that they lab-test their products. It appears that is the real deal in this regard. On top of that, the company provides free shipping, secure payment methods, and myriad ways to get in touch on their website. Their website also serves as a great resource for information on kratom through their blog.




Product Review

The extensive product line offered on is the most appealing part of the website. If you are someone who knows what strain you like, chances are they have it among the company’s many offerings. The business also allows you to browse by kratom color (Red, Green, White, or Yellow) if that is how you tend to purchase kratom.

Most of the brand’s strains come in crushed powder form. However, six of’s strains come in crushed leaf form, perfect for brewing teas. That is not a common offering. If you like Maeng Da or Bali kratom, they have crushed leaf versions of both in red, white, or green varieties. The company also offers kratom extracts for those customers that prefer a more concentrated product. Besides kratom, their website sells masks and pocket-sized incense kits.


Pricing Review

As far as pricing goes, seems to have everything on sale. Obviously, this is a marketing move to make you think their product is lower-priced than it is. However, ignoring the gimmick, the prices are, in fact, low. They tend to range between $8.39 and $13.99 per ounce, depending on which strain you purchase.

When you move up in quantity, the price per ounce drops. For example, a sampler of all four Borneo kratom types is $27.99, which is over $10 less than buying individually.

Their accessories are also fairly priced. The face mask is $10.49, which is not bad given that it has’s logo on it and appears to be high-quality. The incense kit is only $1.04 and comes with incense and a holder. also offers free shipping on all purchases, so the prices you see are what you end up paying. You will not fill your cart only to find that the shipping adds huge amounts to your total. Coupon Codes adds more savings in the way of free kratom for large purchases. Use the following coupon codes as they apply to you to score some extra kratom when you buy:

  • XZDCMBR1OZ – Receive one free ounce if you spend more than $50
  • DCMB02OZ – Receive two free ounces if you spend more than $70
  • JLITIU90T6 – Receive three free ounces if you spend more than $100
  • JFIEYHNGT – Receive five free ounces if you spend more than $200


Brand Reputation

Whether it is’s variety of products, low prices, free shipping, or its weekly newsletter, the company appears to have cultivated a great reputation among customers. On Google Reviews, the company has a five-star rating. On YotPo, their products have received 4.5 stars from over 3000 reviews. The following testimonials speak to their reputation:

  • “The customer service at AK is simply outstanding. I have never experienced this level of customer service with any other supplier.”
  • “Always going above and beyond to take care of me and making sure I get my order on time. This is the best quality kratom I’ve found…”
  • “I’m very satisfied with this product, good quality and quantity, which gives me equity!” Review


Customer Service Review has no shortage of reviews boasting excellent customer service. That is what we would expect from a company that provides toll-free phone support and free returns on unopened products. You also get free, fast shipping on all orders, which is enough to make most customers happy—especially if buying in person is not an alternative it offers.


Closing Thoughts

In sum, is a legitimate place to source your kratom from. You are not paying any premium, but you are receiving a premium product. It is lab-tested, shipped for free, and backed by an excellent customer support team. Be sure to browse through all of its products and take advantage of the coupon codes above.