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Amazing Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

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Amazing Botanicals, formed in 2014, has grown from a small business into a true mammoth in the kratom industry. It sells many kinds of kratom products, including powder, extracts, and capsules. It also sells various other botanical products, including hemp. You can purchase kratom from Amazing Botanicals in retail or wholesale quantities, and the company operates in the United States and EU.


General Review

Amazing Botanicals offers the standard experience that makes a company a good kratom vendor. The kratom is lab-tested for quality and purity, you can reach out via a toll-free number, and customers can make returns within 30 days of purchase. You can also learn about kratom and other plants from Amazing Botanicals’ blog. What truly sets it apart from other kratom vendors is its offering of different plant products. All around, it appears this company is dedicated to providing customers with quality products and service.


Amazing Botanicals Kratom Vendor


Product Review

Amazing Botanicals offers myriad strains of kratom in capsule or powder form. Given its variety of red, white, green, gold, and yellow kratom strains, their site probably has whatever you are looking for. Along with the site’s traditional kratom, you can purchase kratom extract powder, tablets, and beverages.

Wholesale customers can also purchase from the more than 50 strains in any of the forms listed above. On its site, Amazing Botanicals states that they have the lowest wholesale rates in the world, though you must input an inquiry online to get an estimate. An incredible service they offer is custom labeling—when you sell their products in your store, you can choose to use their logo, no logo, or your own logo.

Also, Amazing Botanicals sells a few other plants elsewhere on its site. It would probably be called Amazing Botanical if it didn’t have more than one. You can purchase CBD as oil, flower, or pre-rolled joints. You can also purchase akuamma powder, kanna extract, blue lotus extract, elderberry extract, and many more plant derivatives. They have over twenty distinct botanical extract tablets, including blends like Kratom + Blue Lotus Extract Tablets.


Pricing Review

As far as kratom goes, Amazing Botanicals offers fair pricing. While some places go cheaper, Amazing Botanicals’ prices are reasonable. For most strains, you have the following price breakdown:

  • $5.99 for 30 grams
  • $18.99 for 100 grams
  • $29.99 for 250 grams
  • $49.99 for 500 grams
  • $89.99 for 1 kilogram

The site offers a 4-way split kilogram for $104.99, which is a cheaper way to try a few strains than paying for 250 grams of each strain. There is also the option to purchase a 2-way split kilogram for $99.99, but this is technically $0.01 costlier than purchasing 500 grams of two different strains.

As expected, the capsules cost a little more. For 30 0.7-gram capsules, you will pay $5.99. You do get the convenience of having machine-packed capsules, which cannot be had at home.


Amazing Botanicals Coupon Codes

Amazing Botanicals also has discounts and coupon codes on its website that offer you deals on your purchase. For starters, if you order over $75 worth of items, you receive free same-day shipping. Likewise, if you use the code “1K15K,” you can purchase a kilogram of kratom and a 15-count bottle of kanna extract for $75.


Amazing Botanicals Kratom


Brand Reputation

On Amazing Botanicals’ web page, they have over 2,400 reviews. The overwhelming majority are 5-stars. They also have 30 reviews on Google Maps, which are all 5-stars. Needless to say, they have a decent reputation for a relatively new company in a niche market. Some customer testimonial includes the following:

  • “Shipping has always been fast, and I order at least monthly from them. I absolutely love this company and their products.”
  • “I have had nothing but great experiences with Amazing Botanicals. Their products are wonderful, and their prices are the best that I have found. I will never order from anyone else.”
  • “This is by far the best company I have ever purchased kratom from! I used to shop locally, and I eventually decided to look around for better deals. Finally, I found Amazing Botanicals …”


Customer Service Review

A company’s reputation is typically built on a foundation of committed customer service. Its dedicated hotline, fast and free shipping, and easy returns make Amazing Botanicals a great company as far as customer service goes. The plethora of people willing to give them positive ratings also speaks to the impression they make in terms of service.


Closing Thoughts

Amazing Botanicals offers fantastic pricing on lab-tested kratom, with many options for customers to choose between. Its selection of other plant extracts makes it a unique business. When it comes to buying kratom, it appears you have a fantastic choice in Amazing Botanicals.